How To Cancel Your Xfinity Account And Get A Refund

If Comcast's Xfinity Stream outage just ahead of the NFL Sunday kickoff was enough to push you over the edge, there's good news: it's now quite simple to cancel your Xfinity service. This is a big change from prior years during which it was notoriously difficult to get the service provider to put through a cancellation request. You can even ask for a refund — assuming it is actually granted, you may be given the funds in the form of a prepaid card, whereas people who stick with the service generally get their refunds in the form of account credits.

Before canceling your Comcast account, though, it's important to verify that other service providers are in your area and that they cover your service address. If no other cable service providers exist in your area, you may have to switch to an internet-based alternative, such as a 5G internet plan like Verizon Home and an over-the-top streaming live television plan like YouTube TV

There are four ways to cancel an Xfinity account

At the time of writing, Comcast offers a few different methods for its customers who want to fully cancel their service rather than just pause it or change the service address. For those who don't mind talking on the phone, you can request a call back from a Comcast support agent via the company's website. If you don't like talking on the phone, you can instead use the company's "chat with an agent" feature available on the Comcast website. 

There's a cancellation form you can fill out instead if you're not in a rush (the company will call you to confirm the request), or you can simply pop over to your local Xfinity retail store to start the process in person. When you request the cancellation, you can also ask to get a refund for any balance that may have already been paid ahead, too. If you are granted a refund, Comcast says you'll be able to track its balance on its Xfinity Refunds website.

If you're looking to part ways due to a prolonged vacation or time spent abroad rather than out of frustration, you have a different option: you can simply pause the service over on Comcast's Seasonal website, which makes it easier to resume the service in the future when you return.