8 Of The Best Waterproof Cases To Keep Your Device Safe And Dry

It's a well-known fact that electronics are sensitive to water. Most of the time, it's not a big deal since humans don't typically hang out around water. However, wanting to listen to some music in the shower or take your phone to the beach is commonplace, so there are situations where your phone may need extra protection. Of course, you'll want to take every precaution to avoid damage, and that's why you're here to find a waterproof phone case.

For the record, most smartphones are at least IP67 certified, and some are IP68 certified as well. That means they can take a dunk in the water without a case and live most of the time. That said, there are some caveats to that. For instance, there are water pressure limits, and the certification doesn't cover salt water. Thus, it's not only possible but fairly common for phones to end in situations where their native waterproofing might not help.

Below is a list of waterproof phone cases. There are some for specific popular phones, along with some universal options for everybody else. Some phone case makers may have cases for your specific phone. The best place to check for that would be on Amazon by searching for your specific device model. These cases should continue to protect your phone even in situations where your phone's native waterproofing doesn't.

How We Chose

We chose the waterproof cases on this list with a few different methods. The first was, obviously, making sure that the case was actually waterproof. From there, we looked at manufacturer consistency. Most of the cases on this list have been around for a while or, for cases that fit specific phones, have been around for at least a few phone generations. The LifeProof FRE case, for example, has been around for over half a decade, with cases that go as far back as the iPhone 7. That gives our readers the maximum number of choices since many might not have the latest smartphones.

From there, it was a matter of confirming that the case was good. That was done by reading and watching as many reviews as we could find while also trolling (the fishing term) Reddit for mentions of each case brand. For Amazon reviews, we ran each product through Fakespot and immediately tossed out any product with a C rating or lower. Ratings that low indicate that a significant number of reviews are likely fake. If we had multiple cases pass muster in any given category, the one we ultimately chose for the list was the one we believe to be the best.

So, in short, the cases listed below have been around for a while, have solid reviews online, a reasonably good reputation on Reddit, and mostly accurate Amazon reviews. We also attempted to avoid products that are clones of other products. For example, there are snorkeling cases from Nisso, Mruozrui, Yogre, and several others on Amazon that are clearly identical products, just with different brandings. They're not necessarily bad, but they are all identical and were treated as such.

Best for Samsung Phones: Antshare Case

Antshare makes a reasonably good waterproof case for Samsung phones. Their cases cover the S20 lineup through the S23 lineup, so even folks with older Samsung phones can still get in on the action. The cases feature a one-year warranty and compatibility with on-screen fingerprint readers, and the waterproofing is good enough for pool parties or trips to the beach.

The only downside is that it's difficult to hear the speaker, but that's a common issue with these types of cases. Otherwise, Antshare cases work well. LifeProof and Ghostek also make waterproof cases for Samsung devices if you want to look at something else.

Purchase Antshare waterproof cases for Samsung phones on Amazon for between $11.99 and $21.99, depending on which phone you own.

Best for iPhone: LifeProof Fre

LifeProof FRE is a well-known case brand for iPhone owners. You can buy these waterproof cases as far back as the iPhone 7, so even folks saddled with older iPhones can get one. LifeProof FRE cases come with good waterproofing, a sleek look, multiple color options, and a low-profile design that doesn't add a ton of bulk. It's even decent for taking underwater pictures, provided that you keep it in shallow water. It also supports wireless charging.

This is an excellent all-around case for iPhone owners. It's good for beach trips and backpacking. The case offers decent overall protection. Otterbox purchased LifeProof about a decade ago, so these are essentially Otterbox cases.

Purchase LifeProof FRE cases on Amazon for between $39.95 and $99.95, depending on which iPhone you're shopping for.

Best for Google Pixel: Lanhiem

Lanhiem is a waterproof case brand that has several cases for Google Pixel devices. Their collection goes back as far as the Pixel 4, so even older Pixels can get protection. Like most, this case offers full coverage, including a built-in screen protector along with waterproofing up to two meters. It also offers dustproof and shockproof protection as well. You can still use your phone pretty well with these, and the case also supports wireless charging.

There aren't really any downsides that you don't find in every waterproof case. Make sure to keep it in shallow water if you intend to take pictures underwater. Otherwise, it's a solid overall case for Pixel owners.

You can buy Lanhiem cases for Pixel phones on Amazon for around $19.99 each.

Best Universal Waterproof Case: Joto Waterproof Pouch

There are a ton of waterproof phone pouches on Amazon. Joto is arguably the best one, although all of them are generally similar in terms of performance. This fits all phones, so you just open the pouch, pop your phone in, and seal it up. It boasts an IPX8 waterproof rating, which will keep it safe in up to one and a half meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

Otherwise, what you see is what you get. This is something you pop your phone into when you get to the beach and remove it when you're done. The case's design makes it easy to clean for repeat uses, and it also floats. Pro tip: You can pop a silica gel desiccant pack in with your phone to help avoid the pouch fogging up on you.

You can purchase Joto waterproof pouches on Amazon for $19.99, although they are commonly on sale for much less than that.

Best Floating Waterproof Case: Case-Mate Pelican Marine

Pelican Marine waterproof pouches offer good protection at a reasonable price. It employs foam bumpers around the front, sides, and back of the pouch that helps the phone float. This isn't a unique feature, but the Pelican Marine by Case-Mate does it as well as any other pouch. In addition, you get IP68 water and dust resistance and a choice between military green and black colors.

This is built for durability rather than usability, so you can still use the phone, but we'd recommend looking into something else if you want to take clear pictures underwater. Like the Joto case, a silica gel packet can help avoid the phone screen fogging up while it's in the case.

You can buy the Marine Pelicon pouch on Amazon for $24.99.

Best Rugged Waterproof Case: Pelican G40

Sometimes, you want something a bit more rugged, and the Pelican G40 case is good for that. It's a clamshell case similar to something you would use to carry a DSLR camera while traveling. The case is waterproof and big enough to hide other items aside from your phone, such as keys, a charging cable, money, and other important things. There is a loop at the top of the case to attach it to a backpack or other luggage.

The only downside to the case is that you can't use your phone while it's in there. However, this is for more serious protection than anything else. It's IP67-rated, so it'll take a dunk in water up to one meter deep for up to 30 minutes. Luckily, it should float, so it shouldn't wind up in water that deep for very long.

Purchase the Pelican G40 case on Amazon for $46.95 in black or blue.

Best for Underwater Photography: Wilbur Diving Phone Case

Wilbur diving cases are a good start if you want to take photos underwater. This case is designed to go up to 30 meters deep, which is a lot further than any of the other pouches or fitted waterproof cases on this list. The inside is adjustable, but the buttons on the front are designed specifically for the iPhone camera app. It might fit other phones, but Wilbur says it's inadvisable to try.

There is another style for Android phones that can go up to 15 meters deep. There are a dozen brands for what is essentially the same product. However, Wilbur cases simply go deeper, so iPhone owners should check out that one first.

Purchase the Wilbur diving case on Amazon for $89.99.

Best for Shower Use: Urroy Shower Phone Holder

Urroy has a nifty design for its shower case. You can use your phone in either landscape or portrait mode simply by swiveling the case. The way it works is that you mount the case to your shower wall and then put your phone in it. The case holds your phone and protects it from the shower water. Urroy is a good match here because it also comes with multiple holders so you can move the case around to different parts of your house, such as your kitchen.

Several models are similar to this one. This one just comes in different colors, is often on sale, and works with most smartphones. Those with the biggest smartphones may have a tight squeeze, but otherwise, it's good.

Purchase the Urroy shower phone holder on Amazon for $23.99.