The Biggest Headache In Dolby Atmos Speaker Placement Is About To Get Fixed

Dolby Atmos, the surround sound technology from Dolby Laboratories, has been around for several years. While Dolby Atmos has enhanced the audio experience for millions of people around the globe, it continues to be plagued by a peculiar problem. Getting the best results from a Dolby Atmos-certified setup mandates optimal placement of the speakers that are part of the setup. While this is easy to achieve in a proper home-theater setup, it is not practical for the majority of home users. However, it seems Dolby has finally found a solution to this long-standing problem.

On the eve of IFA 2023, Dolby Laboratories officially introduced Dolby Atmos FlexConnect. The company claims that this new iteration of Atmos allows users to create an immersive audio experience using certified wireless speakers without worrying about optimal speaker placement. The first devices to officially support Dolby Atmos FlexConnect are select models from TCL's 2024 lineup, which were also showcased at IFA 2023.

Dolby claims that the new technology lets users connect their wireless speakers to FlexConnect-enabled TVs for an enhanced sound experience. Essentially, the technology marries the immersiveness of Atmos with the convenience of wireless audio. As a result, with FlexConnect-enabled systems, users can place the speakers anywhere in the room without worrying about perfect placement.

Aside from the enhanced sound experience, Dolby FlexConnect also boasts of a simplified setup process while adding that it supports dynamic audio balancing. This feature further optimizes the sound based on the position of the speaker as well as its capabilities.

How does Dolby Atmos FlexConnect work?

Dolby Atmos FlexConnect uses the TV's built-in microphones to map the room and optimize the sound for the best possible experience. The microphones measure the sound levels and acoustics of the room, and then the system uses this information to adjust the sound output of the speakers. This ensures that the sound is evenly distributed throughout the room, and everyone can enjoy the same immersive experience.

The system also allows users to place the speakers anywhere in the room without worrying about perfect placement. This is because the system can automatically adjust the sound output to compensate for the speaker's location. As outlined earlier, this makes FlexConnect ideal for rooms with irregular shapes or furniture that blocks the sound.

Dolby also claims that any Dolby Atmos FlexConnect-based system could be set up in minutes and confirms that it doesn't need additional equipment or cables. All FlexConnect-enabled systems can perform automatic self-calibration to ensure users always experience optimal audio experience.

While TCL will showcase its Dolby FlexConnect-enabled TVs at IFA 2023, we do not have an official launch date for these TVs yet.