15 Best Weather Apps For Android Phones

Weather is a fickle thing. It can change in an instant, and it can be hard to keep track of what's going on. That's where weather apps come in. They can provide you with up-to-date information on the current weather conditions, as well as forecasts for the future so you know what to wear before stepping outside.

The weather can be unpredictable and having a trustworthy weather app can make all the difference in planning your day-to-day activities. Luckily, there are a bunch of weather apps for Android that come with a range of features, from basic daily forecasts to more detailed radar maps and severe weather alerts. You'll also find apps that offer customization options such as location tracking, fun display settings, and more.

Some apps also provide supplementary information, such as air quality indexes, UV indexes, and pollen counts. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a commuter, or someone who likes to stay informed about weather updates, there's an app on this list that's perfect for you.

Here are the 15 best weather apps for Android phones with options for every taste. Whether you're a weather buff, a full-time surfer, or simply looking for a reliable app to keep you informed, this guide has got you covered.


Weawow, despite its silly combination name of "weather" and "wow," manages to offer a serious weather app. With its clean menu and user-friendly interface, Weawow stands out as a reliable companion for weather updates.

Upon launching the app, users are greeted with easily readable temperatures accompanied by a stunning background image that reflects the current weather conditions. Not only is it visually attractive, but also practical by prominently displaying any available weather warnings in red emergency triangles on the home screen.

Weawow tracks moon phases, offers sunrise and sunset times, provides precipitation and wind information, offers radar coverage, and presents a detailed seven-day forecast. On top of that, Weawow offers several customizable home screen widgets to suit your tastes. With so much data and a completely ad-free environment, it's difficult to find any fault with Weawow. It's a user-friendly app that seamlessly integrates functionality, aesthetics, and an impressive wealth of information.

The best part? Weawow is completely free. Unlike many other apps that lock essential features behind paywalls or hit you with ads, Weawow breaks the mold. No paywalls, no pop-up distractions. It's a rarity in today's app marketplace and a nice surprise for users. Instead, Weawow offers a donation-based system and the option to purchase user-contributed stock photos, both of which are unobtrusive and tucked away in the menu, allowing you to enjoy an ad-free experience.


While many weather apps provide basic forecasts, the Windy.com app takes it a step further, offering advanced features that go beyond the average user's needs. This app is a must-have for individuals seeking detailed map data and comprehensive insights into wind patterns.

While Windy does provide standard weather forecasts, its true strength lies in its extensive coverage of wind patterns and rainfall. With a wide range of map filters and data points to analyze, Windy excels at delivering precise weather metrics. No matter how specific your weather-related requirements may be, you can rely on Windy to make sure you stay ahead of changing conditions.

Windy is particularly invaluable for those who rely on detailed map data and wind patterns. Whether you're a pilot, diver, hiker, or simply someone who loves the great outdoors, Windy is an essential app for your smartphone. By staying informed about incoming wind patterns, you can ensure your safety and make informed decisions that save you time and money.

While Windy offers a free version, it also presents a range of advanced features that are unlocked with a subscription. Subscribing to Windy grants you access to a year's worth of satellite and radar scans, allowing you to explore historical weather data. Moreover, you'll enjoy quicker forecast updates, enhanced customization options for alerts and favorites, and an advanced route planning feature. The premium subscription is priced at $19.99 per month.

Weather - Live & Forecast

Designed with bright and animated menus, the Weather – Live & Forecast app offers an easy-to-read interface that keeps you informed at a glance.

The home screen displays high and low temperatures alongside a detailed hour-by-hour forecast, ensuring you're well-prepared for the day ahead. For those that live in wet climates, its rain prediction feature is particularly useful. It clearly states if rain is expected within the next two hours to give users a quick guide to help plan out their schedules.

While the Weather – Live & Forecast app has fairly standard features, its true strength lies in its customization options. Tailor the app to your preferences by displaying only the specific data you find most relevant. Say goodbye to scrolling through cumbersome walls of text and numbers — with this app, you'll receive precisely the information you want. While not all customization options are free, there is a wide selection available to cater to most users' needs.

The app's premium subscription costs $2.99 per year or a one-time purchase of $4.99 for lifetime access. By subscribing, you gain access to a range of additional features and an ad-free experience. Enjoy more detailed forecasts spanning 120 hours and 45 days, giving you long-term weather insights. Also, the premium version unlocks all customizable menus and widgets, allowing you to create a personalized weather dashboard tailored to your exact requirements.

NOAA Weather & Tides

For clear and reliable data, the NOAA Weather & Tides app is a good choice. This powerful app harnesses the data from the esteemed National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and presents it in an easily digestible format for users.

Within the app, each day is thoughtfully organized into clickable rows, allowing users to navigate easily through the forecast. The compact blocks provide essential data at a glance, including temperature highs and lows, weather conditions, sunrise and sunset times, as well as basic wind data. When you click on each individual day, the information gets still more detailed. Hourly temperature updates, precipitation forecasts, wind patterns, and tidal data await, providing a comprehensive understanding of evolving weather conditions.

The app's user-friendly interface offers a straightforward experience, while its focus on wind data makes it a perfect companion for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. Though banner ads may pop up at the bottom of the screen, users have the option to remove them permanently with a one-time purchase of $3.99.

Overall, NOAA Weather & Tides is a minimalist application that offers simplicity and functionality without overwhelming you with too much information. While there are no advanced settings or customizations, the app excels in delivering daily quick reference data and the ability to dive deeper into detailed hourly forecasts when needed.

Weather App - Radar & Widget

Experience weather forecasting like never before with the Weather app by Fillog Studio which has more features than most users probably need. What truly sets it apart, however, is its remarkable accessibility to this vast amount of data.

The home screen shows a large animated menu to display the weather clearly along with temperature highs and lows. As you delve deeper into the app, you'll discover the staggering range of data it offers. From wind speed and radar time-lapse to moon cycles, earthquake warnings, air quality, and even indexes for activities like running, driving, and flying, this Weather App leaves no stone unturned.

What elevates the user experience is the creative use of animated menus for each data point. Each detail has its own animated emoji menu that makes scrolling through the data easy to identify and fun to look at.

For those seeking an even more immersive weather experience, the Weather app offers a premium version that unlocks a treasure trove of enhanced predictions. With this upgrade, you gain access to advanced radar, a 168-hour forecast, and a strikingly detailed 45-day forecast. Get rid of ads forever with the premium package for a one-time fee of $16.99, giving you unmatched weather insights.

Today Weather

For simplicity and ease of use, Today Weather is a top choice for users seeking a reliable weather app. Its widgets are clear and easy to read, while the home screen presents weather data in a concise and user-friendly manner.

The app is available for free, supported by unobtrusive ads that blend nicely into its minimalist design. By incorporating plenty of white space between data points, Today Weather has a crisp and visually appealing look.

What sets Today Weather apart is its access to multiple datasets for comprehensive weather analysis. It relies on trusted sources such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service (NWS) to provide accurate data. It's more data than any one person needs, but it's nice to see where all the information is coming from.

In addition to its weather-focused features, Today Weather incorporates a unique social media aspect. Weather condition images displayed in the app are user-generated, allowing users to share their own photos depicting different weather scenarios.

For those seeking an ad-free experience and access to all features, Today Weather offers a premium version. Priced at $2.79 for six months, $2.99 for a year, or $9.49 for lifetime access, this subscription removes all ads and sponsored content. While the claim of "Unlock all features" is advertised, it is important to note that during testing, all displayed features were accessible and functional, while the specific features behind the paywall were unclear.


When it comes to weather apps, it's no surprise that MyRadar takes center stage with its radar/map-focused display. With the map view, users can observe real-time cloud and precipitation coverage, enabling them to easily identify weather patterns at a glance. Essential temperature data is displayed at the top of the app, allowing users to customize their view to show both temperature and radar or focus solely on the radar.

For avid travelers, MyRadar stands out as one of the best weather apps available. Recently, the app introduced a groundbreaking tracking feature accessible from major airport hubs. When launched, MyRadar connects with the airport's network and can notify users of delays and gate information. This feature is still new and will only work at major airports, but it drastically increases the utility of the app.

MyRadar offers two distinct premium features tailored to different user needs. The first is designed for everyday users and is available for $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year. This premium subscription unlocks advanced route mapping features for cars and road trips and can even use historical data to help predict weather conditions.

The second premium feature caters primarily to pilots but also benefits RC plane hobbyists and drone pilots. Priced at $24.99 per year, this subscription enhances the MyRadar app with comprehensive flight charts. Pilots can rely on these charts for accurate and up-to-date information to make informed decisions during their flights.

Weather Bug

When it comes to weather apps, Weather Bug captured our attention with its charming name and delightful user interface. Its design logically organizes all the essential data into separate sections, presenting temperature data, an hourly forecast, a 10-day forecast, and comprehensive radar map data.

A standout feature that sets Weather Bug apart is its strong emphasis on lightning strikes. After displaying temperature data, the app showcases the closest lightning strike within the past 30 minutes. For those seeking an even more in-depth lightning strike experience, the premium version of Weather Bug offers an upgraded lightning strike feature. While this feature is undeniably interesting, it may seem odd to dedicate so much space in an app specifically to lightning strikes.

Weather Bug is an excellent choice for parents. The app analyzes weather data to assess the safety of outdoor sports and activities for children, providing advice on the recommended level of outdoor activity based solely on weather conditions. For families living in regions with extreme climates, Weather Bug identifies the best time of day for outdoor activities. This functionality is in collaboration with Disney's Weather Check system, which tracks the weather conditions of all Disney parks.

In the free version, the ads are minimal and don't ruin the UI or flow of the app. Unlock the premium version of Weather Bug for $1.99 a month or $10.99 for the year. It removes ads, includes more maps and alerts, and offers lightning strike data in real-time.

The Weather Channel

When it comes to weather news, The Weather Channel stands tall as one of the major players in the field. Its ascent to popularity dates back to a time when cable television allocated entire channels to specific programming. Remember the era when MTV played music and The Weather Channel was a dedicated 24-hour weather reporting channel? With its history of commitment to weather coverage, The Weather Channel has a lot to live up to.

The Weather Channel's app stands out in several ways. Alongside the standard weather data, it delves deeper into providing additional information such as air quality, heat index, and UV index. What sets it apart from other apps is the meticulous attention to detail, presenting microdust levels and a wealth of comprehensive data.

The Weather Channel also has the advantage of being part of a larger news network. Through the app, users can access a wide array of videos and news stories. Whether it's staying informed about breaking weather conditions in your area or tracking weather forecasts for sporting events, the app seamlessly integrates live broadcasts for an immersive experience.

While the app does contain ads, The Weather Channel offers two premium membership options to remove them. Simple ad removal costs $1.99 per month or $9.99 per year, while the premium membership unlocks advanced features, offering more frequent and detailed updates at shorter intervals. This enhanced experience is available for $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

Yahoo Weather

In an alternate universe, Yahoo could have completely changed the internet but has largely fallen from the spotlight. Yahoo has been around since the beginning of the internet boom in the '90s and is still alive, albeit living in Google's shadow. Yahoo, which made its online debut in 1994, stands as a seasoned veteran of the digital realm. The Yahoo Weather app proves that this enduring company can still deliver a modern weather app.

Upon launching the app, you'll be greeted with a sleek home screen that presents essential information in an elegant fashion. It showcases the temperature, highs and lows, and a compact weather condition icon. This minimalist and functional design offers everything most users want from a weather app. 

After touching the screen again, a host of data and animated menus flood the screen. The app provides both five and 10-day forecasts, allowing users to plan ahead. In addition to the basics, detailed daily information on air quality, visibility, and UV index is readily available. Yahoo Weather app further impresses with its assortment of animated menus, offering insights into wind speed, sunrise, and sunset.

For those seeking a no-nonsense weather app, Yahoo Weather delivers precisely that. It earns the distinction of being the top free app on our list, devoid of any pesky ads. The user interface is clean, presenting data in visually appealing blocks. However, one drawback is that the app prompts users to rate and provide feedback each time it's opened until you do.


For sailors, surfers, pilots, scuba divers, and kite enthusiasts, Windfinder is the go-to app. When it comes to up-to-date and accurate wind information, Windfinder stands out as one of the most comprehensive and detailed apps available today.

The Windfinder app allows users to track multiple locations and its data set focuses heavily on wind patterns, air pressure, and tidal information. This is absolutely critical information for many outdoor sports. Accurate tidal information and wind data can make the difference between a fun and safe outing versus a potentially hazardous one.

What sets Windfinder apart are its two unique features: extensive wind data and live webcams. While many apps provide video footage, it often lacks relevance. Windfinder, however, harnesses the power of local public webcams, allowing users to witness real-time weather conditions with their own eyes. This firsthand visual information adds an extra layer of confidence and accuracy to the app's offerings.

In addition to its robust free version, Windfinder offers a premium membership that takes wind data to the next level. For $1.49 per month or $9.99 per year, users gain access to even more detailed wind information. With the premium membership, users can customize wind alerts for their specific area and set preferences for when they receive notifications. This feature is especially relevant for surfers, as they can receive timely notifications whenever their local surf spot is primed for good waves.

Weather Underground

Assuming multiple identities, this app can be a bit elusive. On the app store, you'll find it labeled as "Weather data & microclimate," while on your phone's home screen, it proudly displays "Wunderground," which stands for Weather Underground, as indicated in the settings.

Regardless of its name, the WU app, developed and maintained by IBM, boasts the best user interface on our list. The main screen resembles a car speedometer but for the weather. It presents temperature, precipitation, and wind data clearly, along with a simple comment that offers daily tips. Whether it's noting similarities to the previous day's weather or advising against outdoor activities due to high pollution levels, the commentary provides valuable insights.

In addition to the weather data, the app includes an air quality index, information on moon phases, and the ability to track multiple locations simultaneously. While these features enhance the app's functionality, there is one standout feature that sets WU apart. Unfortunately, it's locked behind a paywall. Outdoor enthusiasts can configure the WU app to monitor specific weather conditions and receive notifications of optimal conditions for whatever outdoor activity they enjoy. It's a cool feature and a shame that it's not free.

The app's core data is available for free, with only a handful of features locked behind the paywall. To access the full suite of features, a subscription is $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year.


When you launch 1Weather Forecasts & Radar for the first time, prepare to be greeted by a visually stunning animated menu showcasing the current weather. Whether it's a sunny day with a lens flare that would make Michael Bay proud or animated rain clouds, the app oozes a polished and captivating feel.

Above the fold, users will find essential weather information at a glance. Alongside temperature data, 1Weather displays precipitation, humidity, visibility, and dew point pressure, ensuring quick reference to key details. However, it's important to note that the app is ad-supported.

For those concerned about allergies and air quality, the 1Weather app proves particularly useful. It includes an air quality index to monitor pollution levels and a separate allergy outlook. This feature measures the presence of grass, tree, and weed pollen in the air. Few weather apps offer such comprehensive insights.

A fun feature is 1Weather TV, which showcases rare and extreme weather conditions from around the world. While entertaining, the content is not location-specific. This means you might find yourself watching an ice storm while lounging on a beach.

Overall, 1Weather is a great free app that provides a range of features such as radar timelapse, precipitation maps, and clear weather data. The only drawback to this app is the occasional interruption of ads, including video ads. On the bright side, everything within the app is accessible for free, without any paywalls. If you want an ad-free experience, you can remove the ads for a one-time fee of $4.


When it comes to organizing weather data effectively, the Meterored app takes a straightforward approach. Its data is arranged in vertical rows that begin with essential temperature, weather conditions, and UV index.

What sets Meteored apart is its extensive 14-day forecast, surpassing the usual 10 or seven-day offerings found in other apps. Even in its free version, Meteored provides a range of valuable features, including live wind radar scans, weekly precipitation charts, air quality index, and sunrise and sunset times.

The app delivers concise and comprehensive data. The creators of Meteored have opted for a minimalistic aesthetic, forgoing animated menus or graphics. If you switch your phone to landscape mode, the app seamlessly transforms into a 14-day chart showcasing temperature, weather conditions, highs, lows, and precipitation.

Behind the scenes, Meteored harnesses the power of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) data center for its forecasts. This reliable data source ensures accurate and up-to-date information. With its intuitive interface and clear presentation, users can easily navigate through hourly and daily forecasts.

While a premium version of Meteored is available at $0.99 per month or $5.99 per year, the free version is remarkably ad-free. During testing, we did not encounter any ads while exploring all of Meteored's data, charts, and settings. The app operated flawlessly, with no data hidden behind paywalls. Although it's possible ads may surface after extended use, our testing revealed a refreshingly ad-free experience.

What the Forecast

Looking for a weather app that goes beyond the ordinary? If you crave humor mixed with your daily forecast, then WTForecast (What the Forecast) is here for you. WTForecast takes an irreverent look at the weather and has the guts to say what you're really thinking.

During testing on a scorching hot day, with temperatures reaching a blazing 96 degrees Fahrenheit, WTForecast not only prominently displayed the weather, but it also captured our attention with something extra. The app's standout feature is its amusing commentary on the day's weather. From remarks like "It's probably not worth putting on makeup today" to "There is a new, fun location for swamp people. My butt," WTForecast adds a comical touch to your daily weather updates.

While it may seem unnecessary, this lighthearted take on weather forecasting is both entertaining and refreshing. However, don't let the silly commentary fool you. Beyond the gimmick, WTForecast performs as advertised, delivering the weather information you expect. Alongside the colorful animated menus, the app provides essential details such as wind speeds, humidity levels, and a reliable seven-day forecast.

WTForecast is available for free with ads, but for a small one-time fee of $2, you can enjoy an ad-free experience. For an additional $2, users gain access to a variety of widgets to personalize their home screen. While other weather apps may offer more features, this app covers the essentials while incorporating an element of fun into mundane weather information.