How Much Does NuraNow Cost, And Is It Worth The Price?

Nura makes exceptional audio devices. We recently took a look at the high-end NuraTrue Pro earbuds and were blown away by the comfort, battery life, and most importantly the quality of sound on offer. But high-end products often have a high-end price tag, and Nura's offerings are no exception. Nura seems to be aware of this and has an alternative available for those who want to experience high-quality audio without breaking the bank. That alternative is the NuraNow subscription, a monthly plan starting from $9.99 that allows people to borrow a Nura product for their personal use.

It's similar to a cell phone plan in a number of ways. Users get a normally expensive device for a relatively low monthly fee, with the option to swap it out for the latest model every two years. But it's actually a little bit more complex than that, and if you fail to read the terms properly, you may find yourself not getting exactly what you bargained for. 

Costs can vary, and options are currently limited

You do get other things included for the money too. Previously, Nura has offered a free three-month Endel or Tidal subscription, along with things like 10% off LIFX smart lights. These offers change from time to time, so you'll need to look into them when you sign up. As things stand, Nura appears to be undergoing a transitional period following a takeover, so the options are somewhat limited at the moment — but according to Digital Trends, its new owner Denon is intent on continuing the service, adding to the range of Nura products available, and maybe even throwing a few of its own devices into the mix.

As things stand, you have two options. The NuraLoop is available for $9.99, and the company's original "personalized sound" headphones, Nuraphone, are available for $14.99 per month. NuraLoop usually retails for $179, while Nuraphone is $399 if you pay full price. So expect more expensive devices to cost more in subscription terms, but you may also get more for your money.

NuraNow may sound like a bargain, but be wary

One of the main selling points of NuraNow is the fact you can cancel at any time without directly paying a penalty. The website states that all you need to do if you want out is agree to cancel the contract and ship the device back. If you're in any way perceptive, you may see the issue here. If you dig deeper into the terms, things get even worse. It's easy to confuse NuraNow with a payment plan. But the site states that it isn't a "Rent-to-own" program, and the device remains Nura's property. So even if you pay more than the device's MSRP, and keep the plan going for two years, you still don't own the headphones you've been using. You'll need to return them if you upgrade or cancel your plan, and Nura will "remotely deactivate" them as soon as the plan ends anyway.

As things stand, if you're really in love with Nura's hardware, you're probably better off slapping a set on a zero-interest credit card or otherwise looking into alternative financing. Even if you want to upgrade in a couple of years, you can then keep the device you've sunk a minimum of $240 into, or sell them and put that cash towards your new pair.