128GB Toshiba SSD Brings Conventional HDD Storage With SSD Speed And Power Saving

This is a 1.8-inch SSD made by Toshiba, who also offers the same drive in 32 and 64 gigabyte configurations. This particular model manages to cram in 128GB and make it work at 100MB per second read speeds and 40MB per second write speeds.

It uses the 56nm process with continues to save power, and allow them to speed up the drive to the 100/40 read/write speeds. When asked, Toshiba hinted at the drives being used in more than just notebooks and ultra-portables.

So, come CES, when they are showing off the drives, we might see them in something else, be it a PMP, or maybe a phone, who knows, but a 1.8" drive can go a lot of places. Toshiba also declined any inquiries into price of the drive, but I assure you, its not going to be cheap, but being able to offer comparable drive capacities as standard HDD drives is a step in the right direction.

Toshiba enters solid-state with 128GB drive [via macnn]