The Weird Reason Acura Chopped An NSX In Half

The Acura NSX, particularly the second-generation model, is one of the best-looking sports cars out there. However, the Japanese carmaker apparently has some rather unconventional ideas about the car's Type S variant. One of the most unique concepts Acura has introduced for the vehicle involves sawing an Acura NSX Type S in half and attaching it as a makeshift trailer to another Acura NSX in a configuration the company called "one-and-a-half."

This might sound like a strange stunt from the Honda subsidiary, but the team over at Acura explained in a press release that they designed this supercar-trailer hybrid to compete in the 2023 Tire Rack One Lap of America rally. The custom-fabricated ride will have the trailer filled with towing tools, fluids, and, perhaps most importantly, spare tires for the journey spanning 3,200 miles and lasting eight days in total.

Leading the charge is an Acura NSX Type S draped in Thermal Orange Pearl paint job, wearing lightweight HRE wheels and Red Line Synthetic Oil. Acura says its off-beat creation will enter the Sports and Grand Touring (Small Bore, Stock GT Class over $50,000) at the event, which kicks off on May 6, runs through May 13, and covers 15 states. As odd as the whole project sounds, it seems Acura was still mindful about permanently modifying one of its vaunted cars.

Riding to a noble end

Acura explains that they used an experimental unit destined for the crushers and turned it into the towing half. "An early second-generation NSX test mule was rescued from destruction, cut in half, and fitted with custom barn doors," says Acura's official press release. The trailer rides on HRE wheels with Falken high-performance tires draped over them and comes armed with a rear crash bar for locking in place with the hitch receiver. It also comes equipped with a reverse camera linked up with the driving half's infotainment system. 

This "one-and-a-half" Acura NSX Type S will have Justyn Bobinski and Chad Gilsinger, both hailing from Honda's engineering team in Ohio, behind the wheel. Acura's one-of-a-kind creation can muster 600 horsepower and it's the creation of Honda's Auto Development Center team in Ohio. Notably, Acura embarks on the rally journey for a notable cause. The group behind the unique ride is part of the Honda of America Racing Team, which rallies in support of the Ohio-based Victory Center, which provides resources for cancer patients and survivors.

Interestingly, Acura rolled the final NSX Type S off its assembly line in November last year, but it looks like the swan song was worth it. In SlashGear's first drive of the 2022 Acura NSX Type S, the car was hailed as an overdue victory, with special praise for its great mix of speed, composition, and devilish good looks.