How To Watch Kevin Hart's Muscle Car Crew Season 2

Roku has partnered with MotorTrend, Hartbeat, and Propagate to produce the second season of "Kevin Hart's Muscle Car Crew" as a Roku and MotorTrend Original. This means you'll be able to find the newest episodes through The Roku Channel, which is included free on all Roku streaming devices, but is also accessible on the web and through its Android and iOS apps. Roku will also gain the rights to offer the first season on-demand.

The series follows Kevin Hart and his friends, known as the Plastic Cup Boyz, on their journey to become a legitimate car club. You'd expect a more comedic affair given Kevin Hart's affinity for making people laugh, but the show exposes his genuine interest in car culture. You still get a solid dose of the funnies through periodic candid interactions with his friends.

Fans of the series live vicariously through the crew, as they regularly scope out vehicles that only the wealthy can truly afford. Still, Kevin Hart is masterful at protecting his wallet, and even he is compelled to walk away from his dream car when the price isn't right.

A massive new audience

Speaking on the partnership, Roku's head of original content Brian Tannenbaum said Roku looks forward to "utilizing the power of the Roku platform to broaden its reach potential and drive new audiences to the series."

Indeed, there's a decent opportunity to grow viewership here. Roku estimates that The Roku Channel reached 100 million people in Q4 2022 alone. For comparison's sake, MotorTrend's YouTube channel has 6.83 million subscribers and counting. To date, the most watched episode has 1.4 million views, while no other video could crack 300,000. If even just 1% of Roku's audience tunes in, it'll handily exceed the average view count "Kevin Hart's Muscle Car Crew" already earns.

In season two, which has just entered production, Hart and the Plastic Cup Boyz will open their own car restoration garage in Atlanta and learn everything they can about car culture as they establish their home base. Executive producers for the series include Hart, Bryan Smiley, Luke Kelly-Clyne, Mike Stein, and Kevin Healey for Hartbeat; Ben Silverman, Howard T. Owens, Drew Buckley, and Isabel San Vargas for Propagate; and David Lee for MotorTrend. The Plastic Cup Boyz will also serve as executive producers.