5 Of The Best Chargers For Your Android Phone

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Maintaining a consistent charge throughout the day is something that Android users simply demand from their devices. The average smartphone offers a battery life that clocks in at a little under 10 hours. The highest performers can typically extend this range by a few hours, but they tend to come in at a sizeable premium over the most popular smartphone platforms on the market.

Whether you're investing in a powerhouse machine or a more recognizable Android phone, battery life and fast charging remain at the center of any decision in this realm. It's simply not enough to put an Android with great battery life in your pocket if you don't add in the charging capabilities to match. Unfortunately, many phone users don't realize the divide between a run-of-the-mill charger and one that's enhanced for maximum performance. Fast chargers are no longer a specialty item and realistically should be found in every consumer household that supports one or more Android phones. They're relatively inexpensive and offer a vast improvement in charging speed over the more pedestrian options that break quickly and don't add battery life to your phone with any urgency. Selecting a new charger can be daunting, especially since they now won't come prepackaged with many new smartphones. Fear not, however! These are the best charging equipment options for your Android phone.

Samsung 45W adapter and cable (wall plug and cable)

Samsung is one of the few brands in the Android space that utilizes PPS charging technology. PPS fast charging (Programmable Power Supply) is an advanced charging solution that offers the most sophisticated power output of any on the market. It allows the charging equipment to adjust voltage and current flow as the connected device charges in order to provide optimal output throughout the charging process. The Samsung 45-watt charger takes advantage of this feature and provides an immensely fast charge as a result. For $49.99 Android users get a packaged wall adapter and a 5A USB-C to USB-C cable that supports rapid power output to the phone.

The device offers a single connection output, but the charging prowess of the Samsung device is very solid. This charger does exactly what it says it will and doesn't offer up any fancy bells and whistles. However, that's exactly what many Android users are looking for in a charging device they'll use every day.

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio (wireless charging pad)

Wireless charging is a big deal in the modern, connected world. Android users are blessed with a variety of wireless charging options, fortunately. The best of the bunch is the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio. The charging pad is the perfect power option for Samsung phone and device owners because it allows for simultaneous charging of a phone, Galaxy Buds, and Galaxy Watch. The device costs $89.99 and offers fast charging for your phone through a single wired connection to the wall (and a 1-meter USB-C cable).

This tool expands the typical user's charging ability without adding a tangled web of wires to your bedside table or desk. With a three-function charging pad, maintaining the power levels in all your interconnected devices is easy and discreet. Similarly, the utility of a wireless charger provides users with the simplest process possible for 'plugging in' the phone. Just placing your device on the pad will initiate the charging sequence, there's no need to plug anything in or fiddle with the connection angle (something many phone users will be frustratingly familiar with).

Scosche Powervolt 2-port configuration (wall plug)

The Scosche Powervolt comes in a few options, but the most impressive performance is delivered by the dual USB-C wall adapter. The device costs $31.54 and offers fast charging through two USB-C ports. In the plug's rear section, fold-out prongs allow the charger to condense into a slim rectangular box for an easy travel option. The charger provides fast charging through a 3.0 Type-C connection. The charger's product page claims a 70% charge for smartphones and tablets in just 30 minutes, making this a potent tool for those who often forget to plug their devices in and need a quick boost at the beginning of the day or before heading out for the evening.

The two-port option gives you an extra plugin option in the event that you need to charge two phones, a power bank, or your tablet at the same time for a fast turnaround. Both ports provide 18-watt USB-C charging, giving you quick power when you need it most.

AOHI Magcube 65W fast charger (plug and cable set)

The AOHI Magcube set offers a compact wall charger and cable combination that packs a serious punch. The set costs $43.99. The wall plug is 60% smaller than the standard-sized 61-watt MacBook charger that many people will be familiar with, making it a valuable travel companion for those who find themselves routinely on the move (1.61 x 1.65 x 1.44 inches). The product page notes that it can charge the much larger MacBook battery to 100% capacity in just an hour and a half, giving your Android phone a surge of power in a fraction of the time that other charging tools typically require. As well, the included cable provides a digital LED display on one of the USB-C connection leads, providing a visual representation of the charging process.

The combination of rapid charging output and tiny footprint makes this tool a great option for anyone in the market for a new charger. The combination set of a wall plug and cable (with a quality length, too) further improves the user experience to make the AOHI Magcube a superb choice.

Baseus PowerCombo Power Strip (combination power strip)

Android users might also consider the Baseus PowerCombo Power Strip. The device features six charging ports, with two USB-C, two USB-A, and two wall outlet connections available. The power strip yields a wattage maximum of 100W and a maximum rated current of 10A for fast charging and consistent output, no matter how many devices you plug into the strip at the same time.

The combination charger offers integrated overpower protection that will allocate charging current intelligently across all connected devices for optimum performance. Similarly, the wall plug features a 45-degree cable insertion, meaning it can fit neatly into a wall outlet space without having to worry about wrangling cords and plug heads to fit multiple connections into one outlet. The PowerCombo charger costs $79.99, placing it on the higher end of the price spectrum here, but considering its vast utility and fast charging capability (regardless of which outlet you choose to plug your Android into), the Basesus charger deserves its place among these excellent charging tools.