The 5 Best iPhone Apps For Earning Money In 2023

Making money with your iPhone might sound like something of a pipe dream. Adding crucial resources to your bank account through the entertainment and communication device you carry around is actually achievable, however. Your iPhone offers a potent platform for generating additional income, sometimes without even demanding your intense participation. Slack and other connectivity tools have revolutionized the workplace, but these aren't the only tools that iPhone users can interact with to help boost their earnings in 2023.  

Rather than playing a game or watching Tik Tok videos at the end of a day at work, why not try some alternatives that you can download directly to your iPhone and can actually improve your bottom line? With apps that are designed to help you make money, putting additional dollars in your pocket can be easy, and sometimes even fun. Utilizing a portion of your downtime that would otherwise be filled with meaningless taps and views is a great way to enhance the utility of your phone, and fortunately, this endeavor is pretty simple. These are some of the best options for earning additional cash through your handheld device.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a great place to start when considering money-making apps. The tool pays you to give your opinions on a variety of survey themes. The platform supports over 10 million participating members who get paid to share their insights and affect change within the marketplace of goods and services that affect us all. By taking surveys and completing tasks on the app, users earn reward points that can be redeemed for gift cards (at outlets like Amazon) or paid out to a PayPal account for cash payouts.

Taking surveys only requires a small mental commitment and isn't a dedicated work task that is simply relegated to an app interface. This makes it the perfect activity to supplement a portion of your downtime. The average user spends over three hours looking at their phone each day. By redirecting some of this time to Survey Junkie, you can translate a portion of your screen time into tangible dollars with ease. This makes it an excellent option when it comes to making money through the use of an app. Of course, this type of activity won't replace your existing income -– Survey Junkie notes that participation in roughly three surveys per day will yield a typical payment of around $40 per month –- but it can pay for a night out at the movies or a takeout dinner, or offset the cost of a bill without demanding considerable energy or focus.


Swagbucks is a cashback rewards platform. Users earn rewards by connecting their account to routine services like Amazon. These rewards can also be accumulated by performing other routine internet-based tasks that the average user already does on a regular basis (like playing games, browsing the internet, or completing surveys). These rewards can be cashed in for gift cards or paid out as cash through a linked PayPal account. Both iPhone and Android users can benefit from the Swagbucks platform, as well.

The service has been active since 2008, and App Store users have rated Swagbucks an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars across 87,500 reviews. The platform is easy to use and allows you to cash in on a wide range of activities that you already do in your daily routine. Scanning in receipts for purchases like groceries or prescriptions, surfing the web with the Swagbucks browser extension installed, and shopping online at more than 7,000 participating retailers will all earn you an increasing pool of rewards dollars that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards of your choosing. This app is an excellent option to get paid for the behaviors, activities, and spending requirements that already feature in your life.


A different sort of earnings application, Acorns provides a roundup tool that links to your bank accounts and makes investing and saving painless and automatic. Acorns has been downloaded more than 20 million times, and it sports a near-perfect 4.7-star rating out of 5 with 856,000 reviews on the App Store.

Linking your spending cards (including credit cards) is simple, and with every purchase, the Acorns app will round the transaction up to the nearest dollar, saving the change and then investing it once the pool of funds reaches $5. You can select a variety of investment types, as well, from a kid's savings account to retirement planning funds and sustainable product portfolios that put the planet at the forefront. Roundups can result in a significant amount of saved cash without any effort. Estimates suggest that in 2019, the average American consumer made roughly 70 payments per month, providing Acorns users around 70 opportunities to add seamlessly to their savings pool. The sub-dollar investments into your Acorns account will likely not even be noticed, but over time the capital really begins to add up! With this app, you can make saving a priority without changing anything about your spending or even your phone use habits. And, once you've started saving, seeing the cash build up often becomes somewhat addictive, instilling a new hunger to set aside even more money in a savings or investment account.


Foap is a unique option for iPhone users. It's a content sales platform that allows users to upload photographs or video content for purchase by others. These operate like stock photos, and every time someone buys your image you get a 50/50 cut of the profits, split with the Foap platform. If you're an avid photographer and love shooting scenes on your iPhone, this can provide an excellent way to get paid for your hobby and hard work. Taking pictures of the environment around you is a standard practice now that smartphones have normalized the incorporation of increasingly powerful and compact cameras. You can take incredibly high-quality pictures on your iPhone and upload them straight to the Foap platform through the app. The more you put up on the market, the more opportunities you'll have to get paid for your creative snapshots. 

For those with an eye for excellent photography opportunities, this provides a passive income option that doesn't take up any active effort once you've established your account and uploaded a batch of images. A single file can be downloaded over and over again without your involvement, making this a fantastic option for developing a new stream of additional income right from the palm of your hand.


Fiverr is a connections hub that brings talented individuals into contact with consumers who require their skills. The platform is built around the idea of doing small tasks for others – for a "fiver." However, the site and the corresponding Fiverr app have ballooned into something much larger. Service providers are able to set their own prices for a range of work, and discuss job parameters with clients to get the best results for both buyer and seller. For instance, a graphic designer might offer three levels of service when developing a new company logo (a single design with set revision requests versus additional artwork, alternative theme development, and increased tweaks to the final output, for instance).

This is a great app to include on your iPhone if you're a creative type that wants to cash in on your hobbies. Musicians, for example, have long offered their services to augment other creators' YouTube videos, and writers or editors may find success in providing eBook revisions or content writing options on the platform. Fiverr is a robust community and it's exceedingly simple to set up an account and get paid to do what you love through the app.