YouTube TV Reveals Confusing NFL Sunday Ticket Pricing

For the right price, you will be able to watch every game of the next NFL season on YouTube TV. However, the pricing scheme in question seems to be causing a few issues, as fans struggle to get their heads around the pricing structure, and what discounts apply in which circumstances. In some cases, the early bird pricing scheme can save users around $100, provided they sign up before the pre-season discount disappears. A bundle is available for those who want to save while cramming as much NFL action as possible into their weekends. You can even get access to the games while not actually subscribing to YouTube's TV service. YouTube TV subscribers who sign up will get access to every fixture, including "local, national, and out-of-market games," according to the company.

The reduced-price season tickets are available from today, and the offers run through until June 6. Once purchased, the game can be viewed on a number of platforms including phones, computers, smart TVs, and tablets. The option to sign up for the service should appear for YouTube users within the next few days. YouTube TV users will benefit from the multiview feature and unlimited DVR storage. If you haven't got YouTube TV, but still want to sign up, the games will be available through the site's Primetime channels, as well, and will feature prominently on your YouTube feed during game days. You can also find the games in the "Movies and TV Hub, NFL's channel and watch page." Or, you can just use the search bar to find the particular game you want.

Here's a breakdown of the pricing and discounts

If you already subscribe to YouTube TV or want to sign up beforehand, you can get an NFL Sunday Ticket for $249 during the pre-sale — which is $100 less than the full price. For an extra $40, you'll also get full access to NFL Redzone, the league's dedicated cable channel.

If you aren't a YouTube TV subscriber and have no interest in signing up for the digital cable service, you can still benefit from the Sunday Ticket system — it'll just cost you a little bit more. The pre-sale price for non-YouTube TV subscribers is $349. As with the subscriber price, this is $100 cheaper than the service will be when the pre-sale ends on June 6. Even if you're not opting for the rest of the package, you can still get NFL Redzone in this way too. As with YouTube TV subscribers, you'll be paying an extra $40 for Redzone — so $389 in total.

While at first glance it may seem like it's worth paying $72.99 for YouTube's base plan instead of paying $100 extra for the NFL Sunday Ticket that doesn't need one, things aren't that simple. You'll end up paying that $72.99 every month, so the $27 saving will be eaten up very quickly and you'll end up paying hundreds of dollars more in the long run. It's also important to note that the subscription will auto-renew at the "current season price" next year, so make sure you cancel if you don't want a nasty surprise on your bank statement.