125-Piece Puzzle Becomes Functioning Single-Shot Pistol

Evan Selleck - Jul 29, 2010, 12:09pm CDT
125-Piece Puzzle Becomes Functioning Single-Shot Pistol

If you own a handgun, or any kind of firearm for that matter, you probably have it safely secured somewhere in your home. Probably behind a door, or in a drawer, which are then locked for good measure. And, considering how practical that is, we’re happy to show off this completely ridiculous, not practical option. But, while it may not be practical at all, it’s extremely cool. Especially if you like puzzles.

There are 125 pieces in this metal puzzle. And, as you can see form the image above, it looks like a normal cube in its normal state. But, once you start disassembling this bad boy, and you find the 20 correct pieces, you can solve this puzzle into a functioning, single-shot .45 caliber handgun. Yes. It’s a single-shot, functioning .45 caliber handgun. Which you create from a puzzle.

Just in case solving a puzzle wasn’t good enough protection from hiding your new handgun, there’s also a special key that you need to use to “unlock” the original cube, before anyone can start taking apart the pieces. So, you can have this block sitting around your home, looking like a nice decorative piece, but all the while you’ll know it’s hiding a very deadly, yet awesome secret.

[via DVICE]

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