125-inch flexible plasma display just 1mm thick

Shinoda Plasma has ignored the usual plasma/LCD rat-race and instead turned to developing larger, flexible panels for next-gen applications. Its latest prototype, a 125-inch film-type display, measures 3m long by 1m tall and is just 1mm thick. Currently it offers 960 x 360 resolution, obviously less than HD-compatible plasmas on the market today, but then again not many of the screens you see in the shops can be curved around your walls.

The other benefit to the Shinoda display is weight. This example, for instance, weighs just 3.6kg (8lbs), which is around a tenth of traditional plasma panels. The screen is actually made up of three seamless 1 x 1m square display panels; however, Shinoda are planning small-scale production of a 3 x 2m, 150-inch version in the Autumn.

Shinoda's plan is to position the display as a digital signage solution for advertising and public information. Alternatively it could be used to wallpaper your home in constantly changing patterns. There's no word on whether higher-resolution alternatives are on the way; a wraparound HD virtual reality booth would be pretty cool.

[via Pink Tentacle]