Today's Wordle Answer #651 - April 1, 2023 Solution And Hints

Happy April Fool's Day! Wordle does not always choose themed answers for days like these, but today's word is quite fitting for the occasion. Of course, it might just be a happy coincidence, but we're going with the alternative narrative. Today's word takes us back in time – it came 31 days ago. To help you figure it out before you run out of guesses, we'll share a few hints, and for those who prefer to cut to the chase, we'll also reveal the solution word in the second section.

The bingo word has only one vowel, A, as its second letter, and there are no repeated letters. It's the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring, and it's also a soldier's walk or a parade — Colonel Bogey is one example.

If you replace the first letter of the word with P, it becomes very dry, and you could replace it with the letter cluster ST to get the name of a stiffening agent.

Attention, at ease

If you're still uncertain, the answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#651 – April 1, 2023) is MARCH. It's the third month of the year — the one we just finished — which is why it's quite ironic that it's the first word for this month.

Etymonline reports that the word, in its usage as a verb, derives from the French "marcher," which means to stride or walk, but originally translated as trampling or treading underfoot, of uncertain origin. As for the name of the month, that has Roman roots. Mars was the first month of the ancient Roman calendar, named after the Roman god of war.

If you've ever wondered why the months of October through December aren't the eighth through tenth months respectively, in correspondence with the Latin numbers they borrow from, here's a fun fact you might appreciate. Per the ancient Roman calendar, with March as the first month, they originally were. But January and February were added to the calendar much later to better sync the months with the seasons, and the rest of the months got bumped down the line.

We cracked the code in three tries today, quite luckily. Our starting word, spend, left a whopping 537 possible answers, so it wasn't an encouraging start. But after the second guess, chair, there were only two possible answers left, and then we made a lucky third guess. We hope you do even better, and if you're itching for more puzzle action, here are other games like Wordle to try.