Today's Wordle Answer #650 - March 31, 2023 Solution And Hints

We end the month of March in Wordle with a mild word on the difficulty scale. Although it contains a repeated letter, it's commonly used and a word you probably encounter daily. In fact, we could have used the word in that last sentence.

We'll supply some subtle hints to help you figure it out with as few guesses as possible, but if you don't mind a spoiler or prefer to cut to the chase, you can skip to the second section to reveal the answer.

The word you're looking for is an adjective with one vowel, E, repeated as its first and third letters. There are no other repeated letters, and the word rhymes with "reverie." It's the E in the EGBDF mnemonic used in music and a frequent partner of the word "each." You'd have a word for always if you removed its last letter, and if you removed its first, you'd have another emphatic adjective.

The answer leaves no exception

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#650 – March 31, 2023) is EVERY. The word is quite popular, and that's all the more reason why you might have never questioned its origins. Thankfully, Wordle provides us the perfect opportunity to do so, and as always, Etymonline had the answers we sought. The word history site reports that "every" is derived from a contraction of Old English "æfre," itself from "ælc," which means "each of a group."

Per the same source, the original usage of the word was "ever each," which was written for emphasis and is why the word every is used to emphasize the entirety or completeness of a statement or idea.

For such an everyday word, it took us, and most players, four tries to figure it out today. We stuck with our recently favorite winning starter word, great, which turned out to be a good –- no, a "great" choice. It left only 14 possible answers, but we tried curse and billy before honing in on the solution. We hope you do much better, and if you're up for more mind games, here are other puzzles like Wordle to try.