Today's Wordle Answer #649 - March 30, 2023 Solution And Hints

Unlike the previous Wordle answers this week, today's puzzle solution is a common word, and its letter combination shouldn't be a headache either. Still, Wordle is partly a game of chance, and sometimes six guesses just aren't enough trial and error to figure out the bingo word. To help you turn your tiles green before you run out of attempts, we'll share some hints that should bring the answer to the top of your mind. We'll also reveal the solution word in the second section, so you can skip ahead if you'd rather not do the head-scratching.

The winning word is a noun that describes a certain staple food item. The word has two vowels, E and A, as its third and fourth letters, respectively, and there are no letters repeated. It rhymes with said, and it is slang for money. Fancy restaurants might serve you some before the main meal, and you'd need some to make a sandwich. If you replace the first letter of the word with D, you'd have great fear, and replacing it with T would get you a footstep.

Dough both ways

If you're still unsure, the solution you seek is bread. Certainly, the word needs no introduction, but its origins might be unfamiliar to you. Etymonline reports that its specific roots are uncertain, but one prominent position is that it is from Proto-Germanic "brautham," itself from the Proto-Indo-European root "bhreu-,: which means to boil, burn, or bubble, a reference to the rising or leavening of the dough used for bread.

The same source notes that the Oxford English Dictionary maintains that the word derives from Proto-Germanic "braudsmon-," which means fragments or bits, in the sense of meaning "piece of food." Fun fact, the Old English word for bread was "hlaf," which is the root from which the modern word "loaf" is derived.

Since "great" worked, well ... great as a starting word yesterday, we repeated it today as well, and it delivered. There were only eight possible answers after it, and we made a lucky and correct second guess. We hope you finish just as fast, and if you're in the mood for more puzzles, check out these other Wordle-like games.