Today's Wordle Answer #648 - March 29, 2023 Solution And Hints

If something persistently worries you, you might use today's Wordle answer as the verb to describe that affliction. It's a little unlikely that it would be your word of choice, though — it's not an obscure word, but it has synonyms in more widespread usage. The word contains a repeated letter, significantly more complex to guess than words without. To make things easy for you, we'll share some hints that should help you figure it out before you run out of guesses.

Apart from describing a persistent bother, the bingo word also means to assail or besiege. It contains one vowel, E, repeated as its second and fourth letters. It also includes the letter S, but we won't disclose its exact position to avoid ruining the game for players who like the challenge. But, per the NYT's modified Wordle rules, you can be sure it's not the last letter.

If you replace the third letter of the word with an R, you'd have a noun for a soft, brimless hat popularly associated with the French. If it's the first letter you replace with an R instead, you'd have another verb that means to dial something back to zero.

The answer surrounds you

Still unsure? The answer you're looking for is BESET. According to Merriam-Webster, to beset is to stud something as if with ornaments. Still, it's most popularly used in the context of troubling or harassing someone or something, or figuratively, to be under pressure from every side. Etymonline reports that the word is from Old English "besettan," which means to cover or surround with, itself from Proto-Germanic "bisatjan" of the same meaning.

It took three guesses to crack the code today, two less than the daily average that WordleBot reported. We owe our fortune to a lucky starting word, great, which lived up to its name by coloring two tiles and reducing possible answers to just 34. We always recommend terms with some or all of the letters R, O, A, T, and E as starter words because research has shown that those are the most frequently-occurring letters in Wordle answers and the English language.

We got even luckier on our second guess, bidet, which left only one possible answer. We hope you finish just as fast, or even quicker, and if you're in the mood for more puzzles, here are other games like Wordle you can try.