Here Are The 21 New Emoji iPhone Users Are Getting In iOS 16.4

Language is ever-changing. If the annual evolution of the world's dictionaries isn't enough, society has seemingly come full circle by favoring pictographs in typed speech. A decade ago, we might not have anticipated emoji becoming full-on replacements for our favorite words and common expressions when texting family, friends, and internet strangers, but here we are. And in 2023, Apple is making another modest addition to the pool.

Apple just introduced iOS 16.4 with a head-swelling list of changes that enhance nearly every part of the iPhone and iPad experience. But especially for serial texters, you'll want to know about the 21 new emoji added to the keyboard.

These additions align with the latest suggestions by the Unicode Consortium, which has worked to standardize character encoding schemes globally since 1991 and has added hundreds of new emoji over the years. This latest round of emoji additions was approved in September 2022, so Apple has quickly brought them to your fingertips.

Here are all 21 new emoji coming to iPhone and iPad

We have a fun assortment of new goodies to enjoy, with most adding to the total representation of animal kingdom members. We have a donkey, a moose, and his silly goose friend. There's also a jellyfish and a blackbird. Foodies can appreciate the addition of a snap of ginger and a fresh pea or bean pod, the latter of which will instantly jolt your edamame cravings.

For objects, we have the festive duo of a flute and a pair of maracas for you music lovers, a traditional oriental fan, an afro pick, and a pair of angelic wings. Need more signage? There's a Wi-Fi symbol and the Khanda, a symbol of the Sikh faith. You'll also get three new shades for the classic heart shape: grey, baby blue, and hot pink.

Lastly, we get a new yellow-faced surprise reaction that's slightly tilted with action marks on either side, described initially as a "shaking face" when introduced in July 2022, but could step in for that Mr. Crabs meme you've likely scrolled past countless times. There's also a new "talk to the hand" or "stop" gesture in all the human shades you require, perfect for stopping awkward conversations dead in their tracks.