Kia Reveals Futuristic EV5 Electric SUV Concept With Striking Design

The vehicles from each decade have their own styles. The 50s had a thing for fins, the 60s was the decade of the roadster, the 70s gave rise to the muscle car, the 80s carried on the flat front, we don't talk about the 90s, and the 2000s were all round and aerodynamic. Now, we're looking at the future — and most EVs look like the sort of thing you'd expect to see in a sci-fi movie. Kia seems to be continuing this trend with its EV5 concept.

The pictures show a vehicle with the relative size of an SUV, but with the rounded edges and odd stealth-plane-like angles that have become common with a lot of EV bodywork. At the front of all of this is what Kia terms the "Digital Tiger Face" which the Korean company claims pays a "subtle homage to the famous Kia Tiger Nose grille." 

In terms of styling, it's pretty comparable to the recently unveiled EV9, which is essentially the EV5's "big brother." Digital lighting guides the eye down the side of the vehicle and a long, joined, and curving taillight gives the SUV's rear a futuristic look. All of this sits sandwiched between a set of 21" wheels, and a roof spoiler. It is very likely we're going to see production cars similar to this on the road over the next new years. But remember, it's a concept car, so if you find one of its features exciting, don't hold your breath on it becoming a reality.

The interior is deeply conceptual

Any good concept car boasts ideas that buyers and enthusiasts are going to love, but there is a chance you're unlikely to see them in any production models that end up loosely based on the wacky masterpiece. With the EV5 — there are swiveling seats, a truly unique feature which turns the vehicle into something more than a car. Combined with other features, the setup essentially allows you to turn the vehicle into a kind of small-scale living room. The full-length, panoramic, sunroof, which doubles as a solar panel, gives a wonderful view of the sky, which may make the SUV an ideal offroad choice. 

It also allows for adjustments to the seating, so the car can be used as an enclosed porch of sorts. There's no central pillar and the doors open outward, allowing you to rotate the seats 90 degrees and enjoy the views around you. Speaking of the environment, Kia intends to build the car with things like plant-based materials and upcycled PET bottles, so you won't be destroying the wildlife you can get out on the road and wtiness from said car. 

Other futuristic features include the large central display and what appears to be a yoke wheel, or something close to it at least. Hopefully, the production model isn't too far from the concept. We won't have long to wait before finding out either, as the production version of the EV5 is set to go on sale in China later this year.