Today's Wordle Answer #630 - March 11, 2023 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer has one thing in common with the puzzle — letters. You need to gather five for Wordle, but the solution word allows you to send as many as you want. It's a tool you most likely use for work, and you might use it as an alternative to texting.

If you're struggling with unraveling the mystery word, the following hints should help you do so in time. We keep them subtle enough to not render the game unchallenging, but helpful enough to nudge you toward the solution. We'll eventually reveal the answer word in the second section, so you can skip ahead if you prefer to cut to the chase.

The word you're looking for has three vowels, E, A, and I as its first, third and fourth letters respectively. There are no repeated letters, and it rhymes with "scale." It is the most popular medium of formal correspondence, and you remove its first letter to get a term for describing a postal system.

The answer is a phishing target

If you're still uncertain, the solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#630 – March 11, 2023 ) is email. There's only a slim chance that you're unfamiliar with the word, but it's quite possible you're not very conversant with its origin. Of course, since the "e" is a prefix, our focus is the main word "mail."

Etymonline comes on old French word "male," which was used to described a bag or wallet. In Proto-Germanic "malhō" was used in place of a bag or pouch. Historically, mail solely involved a postman physically picking up letters, which they would store in a bag to be delivered to their intended recipients. The "e" was added with the advent of "electronic" mail.

For a word so common, it's a little surprising that it took us five tries to figure it out, although its letter combination isn't very forgiving, it's not everyday we run into an answer with three vowels. We hope you crack the code a lot faster. To do so, you might want to check out our guide to improving Wordle gameplay — where you'll learn tips and tricks that'll help you turn your tiles green easily.