Today's Wordle Answer #629 - March 10, 2023 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is a verb that means to deeply enjoy or derive satisfaction from something. For many of us, that correctly describes the feeling of solving a Wordle puzzle and seeing the streak count go up one digit. If you're struggling with cracking today's code, the satisfaction (and streak) might be at stake, but we're here to help. We'll supply a couple of clues that should help you unravel the mystery, and if you're pressed for time or patience, you can skip to the second section to see the answer revealed.

Like yesterday's answer, the word of the day repeats E twice, but this time as the second and fourth letters. There are no other repeated letters, and the word also describes a wild party or celebration. It rhymes with "devil" and also contains the letter V as its third letter. If you added the letter A between its fourth and fifth letters, you'd have a new word that means to disclose or uncover.

The answer has to do with frolicking

Still uncertain? The word you're looking for is "revel." To revel in something is to get immense pleasure from an experience or event, but the word also describes a lively and noisy celebration, especially one that involves drinking or dancing, or the act of partaking in such merrymaking.

According to Etymonline, these two meanings derive from the different uses of the root word, Old French "revel" or "resvel," from "reveler" or "rebeller," which means to be disorderly or to make merry. As you're probably already guessing, that's the same root of the word rebel.

We solved the puzzle in four guesses today — the first guess, salet, whittled down possible answer words to just 63. Next, "grief" further shrunk the pool to just 13 words, and after the third guess, "lover," there was only one possible answer. We hope you finish faster than we did, and if you're in the mood for more brain teasers, check out these other games like Wordle.