Today's Wordle Answer #628 - March 9, 2023 Solution And Hints

Most people have stopped obsessively tweeting their daily Wordle results — the trend is over, but the game remains, and so does the thrill of building and preserving your Wordle streak. If you're struggling with cracking today's code, said streak might be at stake, but we're here to rescue it. We'll provide you with hints that should bring the answer word to mind in no time, but if you don't mind the spoiler, you can skip ahead to the second section for a full reveal of the solution.

If you were looking for someone or something, there's a good chance that you would use today's Wordle answer to inquire about its bearings. It's an adverb of place or location, and it's not unusual at all. It has one vowel, "E," repeated as the third and fifth letter. If you replaced its first letter with a "T," you'd have an answer to the question that the solution word poses (If it was phrased as a question, that is). You could also swap the first letter with a "C" to get a French term of endearment for a woman.

The mystery word is an important detail in an invitation, and it's the first word in the title of the 1964 hit song by The Supremes. If you removed its second letter, you'd get a homonymous word that is sometimes mistaken for the answer word.

The answer rhymes with 'swear'

If you're still unsure, the word you're looking for is "where." Like yesterday's answer, it's such a common word that it's understandable if one never questions its origins. But again, Wordle provides the perfect opportunity to learn about how language as we know it today evolved. Etymonline provides the trip down history lane — "where" is from an Old English word "hwær" or "hwar" of the same meaning, itself from the Proto-Germanic adverb "hwar." That adverb is equivalent to the Latin "cur" from Proto-Indo-European root "*kwo-," which is the basis of interrogative and relative words like curiosity, occurrence, and currency.

You'll find the adverb as a component of several contemporary prepositional and adverbial compounds such as "whereas," "wherefore," and "whereabouts." It also features in many other now-retired words including: wheremid, whereagainst, wherehence, whereinsoever, whereinto, whereover, whereso, wheresoever, wherethrough, whereunder, and whereuntil.

We broke a record with today's puzzle — we cracked the code in only two tries. Our starting Wordle word of choice, "sheet," ruled out every possible answer but one — which is huge considering there are about 2,315 words in the Wordle answer pool. We hope you finish in good time as well.