PS5 Firmware Update Adding Discord, VRR For 1440p Is Now Available To Everyone

Since its release to consumers in November 2020, Sony has issued several firmware updates for the PS5, improving performance, system stability, and adding new features. Most of these updates were minor bug fixes and optimizations that have made the PS5 a far more capable gaming console now than it was at launch.

The last major firmware update from the PS5 was issued in September 2022, when the console added many new features; including screen sharing with friends, easier access to user profiles, and the ability to send voice messages and stickers using the Game Base tool. 

In addition, for users in select countries, the last update also gave PS5 users the ability to perform a YouTube search using voice commands. However, the most significant feature added to the PS5 with the last major firmware update was support for 1440p resolutions.

However, users switching to the new firmware quickly noticed that upgrading to the 1440p resolution meant giving up on the VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) feature. Needless to say, PS5 users weren't entirely thrilled about this. Nearly six months later, Sony has begun rolling out a new update to fix this issue, while bringing an additional set of features.

Everything new with Sony's 7.0 PS5 update

While PS5 users can finally enjoy VRR content in 1440p resolution after updating to the newest firmware version, the one feature that has been long-sought-after was native support for Discord. The latest firmware brings precisely that to the PS5, giving players the ability to voice chat with fellow gamers. In addition, the latest PS5 firmware also serves many quality-of-life updates to the device, including support for saved data migration from PS4 to PS5, better PS5-to-PS5 data transfer, and the ability to update the DualSense Wireless Controller using a wireless connection. 

For consumers in the U.K. and the U.S., the new update also adds voice command support for Game Capture. This feature will let users in these regions save a video clip of the gameplay by simply asking the PS5 to do it using a voice command. Users can, for example, say, "Hey PlayStation, start recording," or "Hey PlayStation, capture that," and the console will capture a preset duration of the gameplay.

Other newly added features include the ability to manually upload gaming captures to the PlayStation App, and a new "Join Game" option in Party Chats. There's also a new "Friends Who Play" option to keep track of the games your friends are playing. According to GameSpot, the new PS5 7.0 update is a massive 1.1GB download, already rolling out to users worldwide.