We Asked ChatGPT What The Best Harley-Davidson Ever Made Is, Here's What It Said

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Some of the greatest motorcycles ever to see pavement have been Harley-Davidsons. The company was founded in Milwaukee in 1903, and has been along for the ride throughout all of the twists and turns of the American automotive marketplace. Today, the iconic American motorcycle brand is staring down an existential threat in the form of dwindling ridership among younger individuals, but has introduced new electric choppers that may change this fact.

Regardless of whether you're a seasoned biker or a casual onlooker, there's no denying the sheer cool factor that accompanies a Harley-Davidson. Asking ChatGPT what the best Harley ever made is returned some interesting and tasteful results. 

"There is no objective answer to this question as the concept of 'best' is subjective and dependent on individual preferences. Some may consider the Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe to be the best due to its classic styling and comfort features, while others may prefer the more modern and powerful Harley-Davidson Street Glide. Ultimately, the best Harley-Davidson motorcycle ever made is a matter of personal opinion," the AI offered. 

"Ultimately, the reasons why these two models may be considered the best vary depending on individual preferences. Some riders may prioritize classic styling and comfort, while others may prioritize speed and modern features."

The Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe

The first motorcycle noted by the AI is the Softail Deluxe. An icon, to be sure, the Softail Deluxe exudes confidence with the prototypical Harley framework. 

"The Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe is often considered one of the best motorcycles ever made due to its classic styling and comfortable ride. It has a nostalgic look that is reminiscent of the motorcycles from the 1950s, which many Harley enthusiasts appreciate. It also has a smooth ride thanks to its softail suspension system, making it an ideal choice for long distance cruising," ChatGPT suggests.

The Softail Deluxe is certainly rooted in the brand's heritage. Starting in 1949, Harley-Davidson began mounting hydraulic front forks to bolster their choppers' suspension systems. The aesthetics of this design can be seen prominently in the Softail Deluxe. However, the Softail models utilize all modern amenities when it comes to suspension. 

This gives the bike a classic silhouette without forcing a rider to endure the sometimes harsh, vintage ride of the Hardtail models that came before. The 2018-2020 generation of Softail Deluxes run on a 1,746cc, Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine that produces 109 foot-pounds of torque, and utilize a six-speed Cruise Drive transmission. The Softail Deluxe also include ABS braking for a safe ride as well as a stylish, head-turning one.

The Harley-Davidson Street Glide

The Street Glide is a different kind of offering from the motorcycle giant. "On the other hand, the Harley-Davidson Street Glide is a more modern and powerful motorcycle that has gained popularity in recent years. It has a sleek and aerodynamic design, making it a popular choice for riders who prioritize speed and performance. It is also equipped with advanced technology such as GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and a premium audio system, which appeals to tech-savvy riders," ChatGPT notes.

This Harley is rounded out with the brand's iconic batwing fairing that creates a smooth airflow around the rider, and as such makes it a true touring juggernaut. The Street Glide is powered by a Milwaukee-Eight 107 as well, and this model gets an estimated 43 miles per gallon. Street Glide models come stock with 2.3 cubic feet of luggage carrying volume, but additional compartments can increase this storage space for tandem rides or elongated adventures. The bike also holds a fuel capacity of six gallons. 

The driver is granted access to a comfortable upright riding position, as well as a 4.3 (or upgraded 6.5)-inch color screen and two, 5.25-inch speakers. The bike supports Bluetooth connectivity to make calling hands-free, and its Boom! Box infotainment system is perfectly tailored to the needs of a motorcyclist. The Boom! Box system finally allows Android phone users to connect their devices, too. This is certainly a Harley-Davidson to speak about when considering pristine models from the brand.