Today's Wordle Answer #616 - February 25, 2023 Solution And Hints

It's official — this is the month of Wordle answers with repeated letters. This week alone, four out of the six solutions had at least one repeated letter, and WordleBot reported a daily solve average of four guesses, so it's been a challenging ride for the most part.

Today's answer continues the trend, but thankfully it only contains one repeated letter. To make it easier for you to crack the code, we'll provide some clues that should lead you toward the solution word. We try to walk the fine line between giving helpful hints and not giving so much away that the game loses its challenge, but if you don't mind a spoiler, you can skip to the second section for a full reveal of the answer word.

The word is a noun for a number below 100. It has one vowel, I, as its second letter, and the first and third letters are the same. If you say it twice, you go Dutch, and the word is an anagram of tiffy. Replace its first letter with N, and it becomes really effective. This many cents is an American rapper who has Power, and it's also the number of shades in a popular erotic film trilogy. You'd celebrate this birthday as a "golden jubilee," and someone who's aged this old is a quinquagenarian.

The answer is the number of US states

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle is "fifty." Because the word is in common usage, it's perfectly understandable if you've never questioned its origins. We haven't, until today, which is one of the reasons why we still enjoy Wordle — it's a great springboard for learning new words, and learning more about the ones we already know. According to Etymonline, "fifty" is from Old English "fiftig" of the same meaning, which is a combination of two words — "fif," meaning five (itself from Proto-Indo-European root "penkwe-") and "tig," which means a group of ten.

For a word that's so commonplace, it's a tad surprising that it took us five guesses to figure it out. We went with "ounce" as a starting guess, and it was a particularly unlucky start — there were 382 possible answers left. After trying "plaid" next, that number reduced to 54, and "shirk" brought it down further to seven. At this point, we had only turned one tile yellow and none green, but "jiffy" was the guess that changed things. It turned three more tiles green and left only one possible answer. We hope you finish the puzzle quicker than we did, and here are other games like Wordle if you'd like to prolong the fun.