The 5 Best eSIM Deals To Check Out If You're Traveling To The USA

For travel, no technology out there beats the value and versatility of an eSIM. The eSIM offers users the ability to incorporate a mobile plan into their phone without visiting a service provider's store or ordering a physical SIM card online before traveling (if possible in your unique circumstances). An eSIM is a quick and easy solution that allows for adaptability and quick connectivity without any physical gear or technical plugins that might be out of reach jargon-wise for the average user.

The eSIM infrastructure is already found in most modern phones. Apple devices have included eSIM technology since the rollout of the iPhone XS and iPad Pro. With an eSIM installed, you don't have to worry about holding onto a physical card or swapping out SIM cards when traveling. An eSIM can hold multiple connectivity profiles, allowing you to switch between profiles seamlessly and without tinkering with the device itself. It's also easier to find a lost phone with an eSIM because the device's connection profile is embedded within the phone itself rather than inserted through a card that can be easily removed and discarded. 

Today, there are more than 400 service providers in 190 countries that support the use of an eSIM in lieu of a traditional, physical card, making this a must-have for anyone traveling abroad. In the United States, phone users will be happy to learn that eSIMs can be used with ease. While the U.S. may have lagged behind in the use of unlocked phones for many years, the eSIM market is already a thriving place that can benefit both local users and those traveling to the United States from abroad.


RedteaGO is an eSIM app that makes connection simple for international travelers. You can download the app and activate an eSIM profile on your phone or tablet with RedteaGO and the platform works in more than 190 countries around the globe. The eSIM provider supports connection on all iPhone models from the XS and XS Max through to the most recent iPhone 14 series, as well as a variety of iPads and Samsung phones. RedteaGO works with the Rakuten Mini (for Japanese users looking to take their connectivity on the go), Google Pixel phones, the Motorola Razr, and the Microsoft Surface Duo.

What stands out when considering an eSIM offer is the price. RedteaGO provides a bare minimum price point for users simply looking to remain connected while in the United States. For just $3.90, you can activate a 15-day, 1 GB data plan. This doesn't come with a phone number, but the scant price tag may be worth it for travelers who are accustomed to using Whatsapp or even WeChat for virtually all of their communications. If you are only looking for internet-enabled directions, data-based calling and texting, and perhaps a stream or two while on a short vacation to the U.S., this is likely the best plan for your needs.

Airhub's basic data plan

A basic plan that just covers data may work for you, but if you're looking to make local calls while in the United States, a plan that includes a phone number is a must. The Airhub plan offers a doubled data capacity, at 2 GB, and provides coverage for 30 days rather than the minimal 15. This plan comes along with a phone number as well, making it a good choice for travelers who may be in the United States on a longer vacation or traveling for business. For the month of coverage, you're looking at a bill of $11, which remains a highly competitive option considering the ease of access and utility the service adds to your mobile device. Airhub offers a wide range of eSIM options across 250 market players around the world. The app is simple to install and brings connectivity to your phone in a flash.

Airhub is compatible with the same laundry list of Apple, Samsung, Google, and Motorola products. However, the brand doesn't note compatibility with Rakuten devices or Microsoft Surface Duo.

Mint Mobile

For a slightly higher price of $15, you can install a Mint Mobile eSIM. Mint Mobile notes that this price is provided for a three-month contract term (at minimum), making it a good option for someone studying abroad at an American university for the summer or for a semester. It's also beneficial for someone who might come and go to the U.S. often — perhaps a Toronto native that frequents New York City or Chicago.

For the price, users get 4 GB of data per month and enjoy unlimited calls and texts. This brings the eSIM offer in line with many month-to-month SIM-only plans that travelers might be used to in their home countries. In the U.K., for instance, a pay-as-you-go SIM card deal will run roughly £10 (about $12) per month for 5 GB of data and enough calling and texting allowance to last the average user until the next cycle begins.

AirHub's larger data offer

AirHub makes another appearance on this list with a 15 GB offer. For $22, you'll get access to unlimited calls with a provided phone number as well as 15 GB of data. This is more than enough for a typical trip abroad and can provide enough overflow in the data department to support streaming needs as well. Generally speaking, one hour of streaming video requires about 1 GB of data, so over a weeklong vacation in the U.S., you can watch an episode of your favorite show each night at the end of a long day of exploring and seeing the sights.

With the included phone number and calling allowance, making reservations or booking transportation is simple as well. The AirHub offers are versatile and with the short-duration contracts, you won't have to worry about getting enough usage out of the eSIM to justify an overflow beyond the end of your trip.


SimOptions aggregates a variety of SIM card choices and offers both eSIMs and physical cards. The outlet offers fast delivery of physical SIM cards around the world and whether you're using one of these plug-in options or an eSIM, SIMOptions offers coverage in 120 countries and across every continent.

SimOptions provides two valuable selections for travelers heading to the United States. The first is a U.S.-only SIM that provides 10 GB of data and a phone number for placing calls. The other choice that travelers have is a global pass that offers wider coverage (with a phone number as well) but a reduction to 3 GB of data. Both plans last for 30 days and cost $24.90. For a traveler visiting Canada or Mexico (or any number of other countries in this part of the world such as one of the Caribbean Islands) while on their American holiday, the global pass is a great option to consider. For those sticking just to the U.S., the America-only plan offers more than enough data for a connected journey.