Today's Wordle Answer #612 - February 21, 2023 Solution And Hints

Yesterday's Wordle answer was not an unusual word, and we had hoped the rest of this week's answers would follow suit. But today's bingo word throws us back into last week's murky repeated-letter waters. WordleBot needed five guesses to solve the puzzle, and reports that it took most players just as many tries. To help you finish with fewer attempts, we'll share a few hints that should make the answer word clearer to you. If you'd rather skip the head-scratching, you can jump ahead to the second section for the full reveal.

Today's mystery word is an adjective that describes something, usually skin, as having a healthy, reddish hue. If you have a lot of color in your cheeks, you might use this word to describe them. It has one vowel, U, as its second letter, and the last letter is Y. The third and fourth letters are the same consonant, and the word rhymes with "chubby." If you replaced its first letter with a B, you'd have a friendly word, and if you swapped it with an M, you'd have something covered in muck.

The answer is rosy

Still unsure? The answer to today's Wordle (#612 – February 21, 2023) is ruddy. The word is mostly used to describe someone's complexion as having a reddish glow. "Blush" and "flush" are similar words, but blushing is typically a sign of embarrassment or shyness, and "flushed" is used in the context of being unwell, but ruddy is used to describe a healthy radiance. Merriam-Webster notes that the British use the word as an intensifier, the same way you might use "bloody" to modify a noun.

Per Etymonline, the word is from Middle English "rudi" of the same meaning, itself from late Old English "rudig." It likely traces back to "rudu," which is related to "read," the two words used to refer to the red color in Old English, both from tge Proto-Indo-European root "reudh." Fun fact, red is the only color for which a definite PIE root word has been found. We went with "burnt" as our starting word today, and it was quite a lucky guess — it eliminated all but 19 possible answers. After trying the words slurp and furry, the answer was evident.