Today's Wordle Answer #595 - February 4, 2023 Solution And Hints

If something is darkened or obscure, you could describe it with today's Wordle answer. But if what is darkened and obscure is your knowledge of said answer, we're here to help. The mystery word isn't particularly uncommon, but like recent Wordle answers, it might not readily occur to you as a viable guess. To help, we'll supply a bunch of clues that might light the path to the solution word, and help you turn your tiles green before you run out of guesses. But if you're already used up most of your attempts, time, or patience, you can see the full solution word in the second section.

The word of the day contains two vowels, U and I, as its first and fourth letter respectively. There are no repeated letters, and it's the state of a cigarette or torch that is not yet burning. If you're being slangy, it could refer to a state of soberness at the bar as well. If you walked onto a road where all the streetlights were out, you might say that road is today's answer word. You could remove the third letter of the word to create the noun that's the term for an individual component or part of a larger or more complex whole.

The answer is dim

If you're still unsure, the word of the day is "unlit." It's the opposite of lit, past tense of light, which means for something to be afire or illuminated. Since "unlit" is a diminutive of these aforementioned words, we'd have to look at their roots to trace its etymology and evolution, which we're really into over here (as you'd know if you've been checking in for Wordle help).

The origin word, "light," feels like the sort of word that has simply always been English, and that's true. It is from late Old English "lihtan" or "liehtan," which meant to ignite or set on fire, but also, in a figurative and often spiritual sense, to illuminate or fill with brightness (via Etymonline). Also, fun fact, the use of the word "lit" as slang for being drunk isn't new at all. You might have assumed that it's a creation of contemporary pop culture, but it's actually been used in that sense since the early 1900s.

We cracked the code in three tries today — opening with the expert-recommended starting word, roate. Although it only turned one tile yellow, it eliminated more than 70% of the words in the Wordle answer pool. Our second guess was a more obscure word, shirk (which was recently an answer word), just in case today was one of those days with Wordle answers that seem to have been selected from a 1900s poem. With that out of the way, we made a lucky third guess. We do hope you find this piece in time to finish your puzzle on time, and if you'd like to try your hands at more puzzles, here are other games like Wordle you might like.