Today's Wordle Answer #587 - January 27, 2023 Solution And Hints

Like yesterday's Wordle answer, today's Wordle solution contains a repeated letter — and if you're a regular player, you'll know that such words can furrow your eyebrows. Thankfully, that's not all bad, because the answer word you're solving for is an emotion that can do the same. 

It's a feeling of anxiety because of uncertainty, but we'll dissolve all your doubt about solving today's puzzle with some clues that should point you toward the answer. If you'd rather not do the head-scratching (and brow furrowing), you can skip to the second section where we reveal the solution word, no teasers.

The winning word only has one vowel, "O," as its third letter, and the repeated letter we mentioned above is a consonant in the third and fourth tiles. Apart from being a noun for anxiety or fear, the word also functions as a verb that describes the act of touching or disturbing something persistently. If you were constantly pulling or tugging at something (your lip, for example) with your teeth, this word would also be an accurate description of that action.

The answer might keep you up at night

If the solution is still a mystery to you, or you skipped the first section to cut to the chase, today's prize word is "worry." You might already know that it means to fret or become agitated about the outcome of something, but you probably didn't know that some British dialects use the term to mean strangling or choking.

This is because the original root word, "wirien," translates as "to slay, kill, or injure by biting and shaking the throat," like a wolf does to its prey (via Etymonline). It's from Old English "wyrgan" and Proto-Germanic "wurgjan," which means to strangle. The word ceased to be used in the context of strangling or choking around the 1600s, and evolved into the figurative meaning "to feel anxiety or mental unrest" by the 1800s, possibly because deep worry does make one feel like your breath is about to be snatched from you at any moment.

Like yesterday, we solved the puzzle one step faster than WordleBot, and that's immensely satisfying. Our first guess, "share," was more random than strategic, but it reduced the possible answers to a mere 21 from 2,315. After that, we tried the word "curry," which left us with only two possible solutions, then we made a lucky third guess. We hope you do finish just as fast, or even faster, and if you're itching for more puzzles, you might be interested in these other games similar to Wordle.