Today's Wordle Answer #586 - January 26, 2023 Solution And Hints

WordleBot needed five tries to unravel today's mystery word, as did many other players. Considering you only get six attempts at each puzzle, the stakes are particularly high today. Interestingly, the answer word has something to do with a homonym of stakes. It contains a repeated vowel, E, as the second and third letters, which might be part of the reason why it's such a hard nut to crack.

That aside, the word itself is an adjective that's not particularly in common usage, but it is derived from a more popular noun, one you're definitely familiar with. You could use the noun as a slang term to mean "have a disagreement with someone" or "complain about something, but it's most commonly used as the name of the meat you'd find in your burger. The answer word describes a buff or brawny person, or something that's very well-built or sturdy. It ends with a Y, and it rhymes with "easy."

The answer is jacked

Still unsure? The solution you seek is "beefy." It's a derivative of the word "beef," which is a colloquial term for human muscles, apart from being the description of the meat gotten from cattle. The word beef is from Old French "buef" or Modern French "boeuf," which means beef or ox hide, itself from Latin "bovem," meaning ox or cow, the same word from which "bovine" is derived (via Etymonline).

Since we were on the topic, we went digging for some tidbits about beef, and Kansas Farm Food Connection has just what we needed. It turns out that cattle have panoramic vision — they can see about 330° around them. Contrary to popular belief, bulls can't actually see the color red. In bullfighting, the bulls respond more to the movement of the flag than to its color. Also, cattle have about two and a half times more tastebuds than humans — about 25,000, while we have 10,000. Too bad they can't enjoy all the food varieties we do.

We hope you found this article in time to solve today's Wordle before you ran out of guesses and that you're enjoying the resulting knowledge that each answer affords. This is the kind of random information that might come in handy at a trivia someday. If that's your kind of jam, here are some more games like Wordle with similar benefits.