Today's Wordle Answer #583 - January 23, 2023 Solution And Hints

Last week's Wordle answers featured quite a few obscure words, but we're starting this week on a different note. The word of the day is not an uncommon one, but it might still be difficult to guess because the letter combination isn't very conventional. It contains a repeated vowel – E – as its first and last letter, and there's yet another vowel in the mix, as the third letter.

The word is ironically descriptive of your plight with today's Wordle puzzle — it's what the answer is doing to you. In most contexts, it is used as a verb that means to avoid or escape from something, especially when the avoidance is done with intention and skill. It can also be used to describe those irritating times when a word is on the tip of your tongue but is just out of your memory's grasp.

Our mystery word rhymes with chewed, and if you added the letter D before the first letter, you'd have a new verb that describes the act of deceiving or misleading someone. We'll do the opposite — if you're still unsure of the answer, we'll break it to you plain and easy in the next section.

Evasive much?

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#582 – January 23, 2023) is "elude." It originally meant to escape from or parry a blow, supposedly in the context of frustrating an opponent in a contact sport by continuously evading their attempts at contact. The word traces back to Latin "eludere," which means to make a fool of, or frustrate; from the assimilated form of ex "out, away" + ludere "to play" (via Etymonline).

"Elude" is often confused with "allude," which is a different but similar-sounding word that means to refer to or hint at something indirectly. Interestingly, both words have a similar origin — "allude" is also partly from Latin "ludere," but with the prefix "ad-," which means "towards," it takes on the meaning "to play at" instead of elude's "to play away."

If you're ever unsure which is which, here's a hack that Merriam-Webster suggests might help you remember: "elude" begins with an E, and relates to terms that start with E as well: escaping and evading. "Allude," on the other hand, begins with an A, and has to do with talking about things without mentioning them directly. We hope this article helps you finish your puzzle in record time. If you'd like to try your hands at similar games, here are more puzzles like Wordle to prolong the fun.