LAPD Tries To Ban Use Of Drones Over Its Stations

The latest squabble over the use of drones is coming from the Los Angeles Police Department, which has said that hobbyists should avoid flying camera-equipped drones over its various stations. This comes after one man was accused of trespassing via the sky.

Though at this point it seems to only be a request, the LAPD has kicked off a legal probe into whether it can legally ban the use of drones over its stations. During this, the police are said to have accused one Southern California man of trespassing its station near Hollywood.

Daniel Saulmon was using a drone with a camera attached to fly over the station, and was ordered to cease his activities immediately. Saulmon seems no stranger to activity, however, having been arrested in the past for recording police officers. The police cite concerns about privacy.

Saulmon isn't convinced by the official reason for not flying over the stations. "They bring up expectation of privacy, I'm not buying it. Suddenly they're talking about how I'm trespassing on a public sidewalk. They do not have an expectation of privacy."

VIA: Ars Technica