Today's Wordle Answer #579 - January 19, 2023 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is nowhere near as obscure as yesterday's Wordle puzzle, but it's still a word you might not quickly think of. It's an adjective that describes something as muddy or filthy, but the British use it to describe something with mild sexual content. It's a close homonym with another adjective that describes any liquid that should be clear, but is dark and dirty, and it can also refer to corrupt or morally questionable behavior.

The word you're looking for has "M" as its first letter. There's only one vowel, "U," as the second letter, and there are no repeated letters. If you replaced its first letter with an "L," you'd have yet another adjective that you might use to describe your attempt if you solved today's puzzle quickly. If you do poorly, however, your description might be the word you'd get if you replaced the first letter of the answer word with an "S." With these hints, though, we hope the latter does not happen. In fact, we'll make sure of it. If the answer is still a mystery and you don't mind the spoiler, check out the winning word in the section below.

Suffocating humidity

We haven't yet exhausted all the contextual uses of the answer word. If you want to take a bit more time to think about it, here's a final hint that might help you crack the code: you can use the word to describe weather that is very humid, or how you feel in such weather.

If you're still unsure, the solution to Wordle #579 (January 18, 2023) is "mucky." The word is derived from the root noun "muck," which — according to Etymonline — is from Middle English "muk," which means animal or human feces comprised of vegetable matter used as manure. Its original source is unknown, but most sources report that it's probably from Scandinavian languages such as Old Norse words "myki" or "mykr," or Danish "møg," which all mean cow dung.

Today we went with an unusual but lucky Wordle starting word, "mango." It turned one tile green and whittled down possible options to 43. We guessed "milky" next, and that left only three possible solutions. The third time was the charm.