Today's Wordle Answer #568 - January 8, 2023 Solution And Hints

It takes a lot of heart to get today's answer right, quite literally. It takes years of practice to hone the skill, and even more practicing after mastery is attained. If you're struggling to crack the code, however, it probably doesn't feel like you have the luxury of practice because you're running out of attempts fast! To help you out, we'll supply clues that should help you unravel the answer quickly. We'll also reveal the full solution in the second section so you can skip on down if you prefer to cut to the chase.

The word you're looking for is a vowel-heavy noun: it has O, E, and A as its first, third, and fifth letters respectively. There are no repeated letters, and the word rhymes with "etcetera." It's the name of a popular web browser, and if you add soap, it becomes a source of entertainment. It's what Luciano Pavarotti is famous for, and if you added the letters -TE as a suffix to this answer word, you'd have a verb that means to control a machine or system or perform a surgical procedure.

The answer is dramatic

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle is "opera." An opera is "a drama set to music and made up of vocal pieces with orchestral accompaniment and orchestral overtures and interludes," according to Merriam-Webster. It's also the theater in which an opera is performed. The word has Italian and Latin roots, and has maintained its original form. As noted by Etymonline, it translates literally as "labor, effort, or composition." It's the plural form of "opus," which means "a work," itself from the Proto-Indo-European root word "op-," which means "to produce in abundance."

We went with the starting word "train" today. It was a great choice, since it sized down the possible answers from 2,315 to 144. After the second guess — "cloud" — there were only 11 options left, and then we made a super lucky third guess. WordleBot took one more try than us to solve the puzzle, and we hope you finish quickly enough to have the pleasure of beating it at its own game. If you don't want a whole day for another puzzle, here are other games like Wordle to try.