Today's Wordle Answer #566 - January 6, 2022 Solution And Hints

Not only is today's Wordle answer uncommon, but its letter combination and arrangement are also quite irregular as well. Like yesterday's answer, it contains a repeated vowel, E, as its second and last letters. If you like to earn your bragging rights, we'll provide some hints to help you arrive at the answer on your own, and for players who don't mind a shortcut, we reveal the solution word in the second section of this article.

The mystery word is a verb, and it means for something or someone to have attributes that are not in agreement with their appearance. If a young person has the looks or manners characteristic of much older people, then you could say their demeanor [solution word] their age. The first letter of this word is B, and it rhymes with the word "rely." If you added the letter F to it, you'd have a noun used to describe religious convictions. You could also add the letters -bers as a suffix, in which case you'd have the name of pop artist Justin Bieber's fanbase.

Expectation vs reality: Wordle edition

If you haven't yet unraveled the solution word, it's belie. In Old English, belie meant "to deceive by lying," from the word "beleogan," and then the meaning shifted to the context of telling lies about someone or something, similar to the usage of the modern word slander. By the 1700s, "belie" had further evolved in meaning to mean misrepresentation, or "to disguise or conceal," which is where we're still at today (via Merriam-Webster).

We cracked the code in four guesses today, one less than yesterday. Our starting word, clout, whittled down possible answers to 230, and that was a good start considering there are always about 2,315 possible answers for every Wordle puzzle. After that, the words brave and blame further reduced the pool to just four words, and we made a lucky fourth guess. WordleBot finished in three tries, we hope you do even better.