Today's Wordle Answer #536 - December 7, 2022 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is a struggle, literally. If you're finding it difficult to figure it out, we're here to help. We'll supply hints that'll hopefully nudge you toward the answer on time, but if you don't mind the spoiler, you can skip to the second section for the full reveal of the answer.

The word you're looking for isn't a very common one, and the letter combination isn't very straightforward either. It has two vowels, O and U, as its second and third letters, respectively. There are no repeated letters, and the word rhymes with doused. It's the name of a sport played on horseback between two knights with lances, but you can use it to describe any tussle or combat. There's a letter S in the word somewhere, but we won't specify its position so we don't give too much away. But, per Wordle's new rules, you can be sure it's not the last letter of the word.

The answer is competitive

The solution to today's Wordle answer (#536 — December 7, 2022) is joust. The word is from Old French's "joster," which means to fight in single combat, itself derived from Latin's "juxta," which means near (via Etymonline). To joust is to physically fight in combat, especially on horseback, but you could also say two parties are jousting if they're involved in debate or disagreement.

Today was a lucky day by far — from our opening guess, things were already looking good. We went with the word fruit, which turned two tiles green and eliminated all but 18 possible answers. The next guess, blunt, whittled it down further to just two, and then we made a lucky (and correct) third guess. WordleBot solved the puzzle in just as many tries, but we hope you do better so that you earn your bragging rights. If you're looking to prolong the fun, here are more games like Wordle to try your hands at.