Apple Reveals Winners Of 2022 App Store Awards

Despite Apple's attempts to keep things tidy, there are over 1.8 million apps available in the Apple App Store, so you'd be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed with trying to find what you need. If you're looking for a good place to start, Apple's annual App Store Awards are always an interesting opportunity to see whether you're missing out on some cool games to keep you entertained or apps that can enhance your life.

The Cupertino company announced 2022's winners today, with a total of 16 games and apps receiving honors for being innovative, culturally impactful, or otherwise flat-out cool. The list was formed by Apple's App Store editorial team, the same one that curates the content you see on the home page whenever you hit the App Store icon on your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices.

Award recipients will enjoy a trophy inspired by the App Store's icon, which Apple says will be machined from 100% recycled aluminum from its very own products, complete with a personal engraving.

The best app winners on iPhone and iPad

One of the most interesting App of the Year recipients is BeReal, a social app that takes a new spin on photo and video sharing. At different times each day, you and any friends you connect with have just two minutes to share what's going on in your life. It's a more intimate approach than something like Instagram because photos are only shared among your tight circle of friends. But its namesake is inspired by the fact that you must take a photo using the BeReal app within the allotted time, so you're urged to share whether you're having a lazy bad hair day or enjoying an exotic vacation.

On iPad, GoodNotes 5 is getting recognition due to its deep Apple Pencil support, as well as being a comprehensive note-taking solution in general. It offers much deeper functionality than something like Apple's built-in Notes app by supporting rich multimedia, knowledge mapping using external links, a dynamic cataloging system, and a wealth of templates inspired by real life notation and manuscript paper.

Game of the Year awarded to mainstream titles and indie darlings

Gamers might not be surprised that the free-to-play "Apex Legends Mobile" won iPhone Game of the Year. This battle royale shooter caught on quickly when EA released it without warning on consoles and PC in early 2019. You and a squad of two other Legends are dropped into a "Hunger Games"-style fight to the finish, fending off other teams who are looking to escape the creeping boundary that becomes deadlier as time rolls on. "Apex Legends Mobile" features optimized touch controls and Legends with unique abilities that you can only play on the mobile version.

Puzzle game "Moncage" offers a unique optical illusion that presents vastly different worlds through each side of a cube you're trapped in. Though very different in appearance, these locales are all connected in some way, meaning you'll need to examine and manipulate things within all four to collect storytelling photos and, ultimately, solve the puzzle.

"Wylde Flower" takes the crown for Apple Arcade Game of the Year. It's a relaxing farming simulator at its core, but through wizardry and witchcraft, you can aid the growth of your vegetation and animals by controlling the weather and changing the seasons. Be sure to check out the full 2022 list at Apple, which also includes apps and games for Apple TV and Mac OS.