Today's Wordle Answer #526 - November 27, 2022 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is what you will certainly be if you solve the puzzle on time, and that's exactly what we're going to help you do. For players who like to work for their win, we'll provide subtle hints to nudge you toward an answer, and for those who don't mind the spoiler, we reveal the full solution word in the second section.

The word of the day contains a repeated letter, which can be super tricky to figure out. But it's a very common adjective. This is always the first word in a wish (for a birthday, anniversary, or holidays) and it's a pleasant but fleeting emotion. The word has only one vowel, A, as its second letter, and its last letter is Y.

It's the title of Pharrell Williams' extremely popular 2014 hit song.The repeated letter is in the third and fourth position, but we won't reveal it because that might give too much away. If you replaced the first letter with a Z, you'd have a new adjective which qualifies something or someone as being , electric, energetic or full of pep.

The answer is fortunate

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle ( #526 – November 27, 2022) is "happy." Its most popular meaning is to be glad or pleased, but the root word "hap" means chance or fortune, and that's why the word "happy" is also used to mean lucky, fortunate or providential circumstances or unforeseen success (via Merriam-Webster).

We solved the puzzle in four tries today — the first two guesses, ounce and plait, were an attempt to eliminate all the vowels early on, which is our preferred Wordle-solving strategy. Those two whittled down the possible answers from 383 to just eight, and the third guess, debug, reduced that further to three. The word happy was our lucky fourth guess, and what made us even happier is that it took WordleBot the same number of tries to solve the puzzle. We hope you do it even faster, and if you're looking for more puzzles to try your hand at, check out these other games like Wordle