Today's Wordle Answer #520 - November 21, 2022 Solution And Hints

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle is a tricky one: unlike yesterday's answer, the word isn't in common usage, and its letter combination isn't the most conventional either. In fact, it contains one of the least used letters in Wordle answers. To help you figure it out as quickly as possible, here are some hints that should nudge you toward the answer. If you don't mind the spoiler, you can skip to the second section where we reveal the full answer.

The word you're looking for has three vowels: A, I, and O as its first, third, and fourth letters, respectively. Players who use the Wordle-solving strategy of eliminating vowels early on would be in luck today. The word is a noun that describes an established truth, mostly used in mathematics or philosophy, although in the former context, the word is usually interchangeably with the term postulate. There are no repeated letters, and the word is synonymous with truism or maxim.

The answer is self-evident

The solution to today's Wordle answer is axiom. An axiom is a statement that is intrinsically true. In geometry, for example, an example of an axiom is that a line can extend to infinity — you don't need proof to agree that's true, it just is. An axiom is also any statement that serves as a premise for further reasoning or argument (via Merriam-Webster). The word comes from the French word "axiome," Latin's "axioma," and Greek's "axioma," which literally translates to "that which is thought worthy or fit" (via Etymonline).

WordleBot said it took the average player five tries to solve today's puzzle, and that's not surprising considering the unusual structure of the word. It took us four tries, having started guessing with the words cause and folic, which narrowed down possible solutions from 199 to just two. Our third guess, amigo, turned two tiles green and made the answer apparent. We hope you find this article early enough to finish faster, and if you're interested in more puzzle action, here are more games like Wordle to prolong the fun.