11% of US adults own a tablet according to study

The Pew Research Center has conducted a study for Excellence in Journalism in cooperation with The Economist Group that has find some impressive facts about the reach and use of tablet computers with adults in the US. According to the report that was published this week 11% of all American adults own a tablet. We already know that the most popular tablet is the iPad, so most will be using the Apple product.

What is more impressive than that number is that 77% of those adults that own a tablet use them every day. That shows that tablets are more than just a fad or a me too purchase since the people are actually using them daily. The average tablet user spends 90 minutes each day using the tablet for all sorts of things. Email use is one of the most popular tablet activities with 54% using the tablet for email.

Social networking is next on the tablet activity list with 39% using their tablet for that, 30% of users play games on the tablet, and 17% read books on it. The survey found that 17% of users watched movies on their tablets. The most common activity on a tablet is getting news at least once weekly with 77% of users consuming news. General web surfing was performed by 66% of users. The study also found that the majority of users still don't pay for content with only 14% of users having purchased content.