11-million-ton iceberg forces evacuation in tiny Greenland town

Bobbing near a tiny Greenland village is a huge iceberg estimated to weigh around 11 million tons. The chunk of ice is only a few hundred feet from the shore, looming behind buildings and roads as an ominous threat while experts monitor the situation. The village has evacuated people from its lowest regions, also pulling fishing vessels and other boats that could be damaged.

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A video shows the giant chunk of ice floating near Greenland's tiny Innaarsuit, a town of only 169 residents. Experts estimate the iceberg is about 300ft in height with a weight great enough to cause extensive damage if it were to reach the shore.

According to Associated Press, the iceberg was spotted by satellite making its way toward the town on July 9, prompting a later partial evacuation on July 12. As of earlier this week, the iceberg was estimated to be between 500ft and 600ft from the shore.

There's not much that can be done at this time, aside from keeping boats and people out of the iceberg's potential path. Residents have moved to higher regions in the area, a safety measure aimed at avoiding any potential injuries that could result if a large segment breaks off and causes flooding. There are also concerns that the iceberg may flip.

It's unclear what the outcome may be. Experts say the iceberg may eventually break into smaller pieces, it could move farther away, or it could move closer to the shore. Though icebergs near Greenland aren't unusual, AccuWeather reports that this particular chunk of ice is atypically large.

SOURCE: Associated Press