Today's Wordle Answer #510 - November 11, 2022 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle answer is something awarded to someone in recognition of a job well done. Although there's no prize for solving a Wordle puzzle, there's immense satisfaction (and bragging rights for doing it in as few guesses as possible), and we want to help you get that. We'll supply some hints to nudge you toward today's Wordle answer in record time. If you don't mind the spoiler, though, you can skip the brain teasing to see the full answer word in the second section.

The word you're looking for is a noun or a verb, depending on the context. It has two vowels, "E" and "A," as its second and fourth letters respectively, and there are no repeated letters. U.S. Presidents sometimes give this to certain civilians to recognize their contributions to the country — President Obama gave out 123 of these, and Olympian gymnast Simone Biles has one. It's also the name of a small, usually metal object used as a religious token. The word rhymes with "peddle," and if you replace its third letter with T, you'd have the name of a lustrous conductor material of which iron, copper, and steel are types of it. If you participate in a sports contest and finish in a position between first and third, you might get one of these as well.

The answer is rewarding

The solution word to today's Wordle puzzle (#510 — November 11, 2022 ) is medal. The word is of French origin, from Middle French "medaille," which is itself from Old Italian "medaglia," the name for a coin worth half a denarius (via Merriam-Webster). A person could receive a medal or be medalled, and that would mean the same thing.

We weren't very lucky today — it took five tries to solve the puzzle. As usual, we used a random word as an opening guess instead of playing a word from the recommended starting words list. Today, our starting guess was the word "spore," which was particularly unlucky — WordleBot said there were still 314 possible solutions left. The second guess, "clean," was much better at tidying things up — it narrowed the possible solutions down to just six. We tried the words "feral" and "metal" before the answer became clear, at which point we had lost all hopes of having bragging rights for solving the Wordle on time. We hope you do better, and otherwise you might also want to try your luck at these other Wordle-like games.