1080p pico-projectors in next 3 years tips Syndiant CTO

Chris Davies - Jul 24, 2009
1080p pico-projectors in next 3 years tips Syndiant CTO

Whether you think a pico-projector is a pointless gadget or the future of mobile displays, the common criticism is that their resolution is poor compared to cellphone displays or full-sized projectors.  Over at PicoProjector.info they’ve been speaking to Syndiant CTO Karl Guttag, however, and he’s promising something that could turn that all around: 1920 x 1080p resolution pico-modules.

Much of the interview is tussle back and forth over whether the LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology preferred by Syndiant is better than LBS (Laser-Beam-Steering) as used by rival firms, but there are several interesting tidbits for those of us who simply want a decent pico-projector.  Mass production of Syndiant’s 854 x 600 pixel projector unit is about to begin, and Guttag expects 720p/1080p versions within the next few years.

That’s a little longer for 1080p than the “volume production in 2010” that their website suggests, but according to Guttag the company is “re-evaluating where we prioritize the development of the 1080p for pico projectors.”  Instead, cellphone projectors could top out at 720p, he suggests, at least in the next three years, while 1080p would be more likely on video games, PMPs and cameras.

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