PlayStation Plus Games For October 2022 Serve Up A Little Bit Of Everything

Sony has just announced the PlayStation Plus free game lineup for October 2022, and there are three hype-worthy titles that subscribers will be able to download (via PlayStation Blog). The lineup covers three vastly different genres, so much so that there's bound to be something in it for everyone. If you're a subscriber, make sure to check out the games that will be up for grabs throughout October, and October only — so you don't want to miss them!

If you've ever liked Hot Wheels (or perhaps have a child or relative who does), you might love the first title on the list: "Hot Wheels Unleashed." Available for the PS4 and the PS5, this is a racing game that, much like "Mario Kart," takes a fun spin on the racing genre and sends you on a journey through many different tracks. Players are able to earn new vehicles through gameplay, and there's even a two-player split-screen mode for when you're playing with someone else. Alternatively, you can have a race-off against up to 12 players in online challenges. There's a really fun addition, too: the ability to build your own course and share it online for others to try.

The second game is a PS4 title coming to you straight from the creators of "Mortal Kombat." If you love some good superhero stories, the twist in this game might surprise you. "Injustice 2" lets you take your pick of dark, twisted versions of the iconic heroes and villains we all love. Batman, Superman, and more are available to play, and there are two gameplay modes to choose from: battling online or playing through the story and completing the campaign.

Three games are almost here, with more to come

The last game is also a PlayStation 4 title called "Superhot," a surreal first-person shooter with an exceptionally minimalist aesthetic that has also proven popular on VR platforms. In this game, time moves only when your character does, meaning that you can't regenerate health or benefit from any item drops unless you're constantly on the move. Surrounded by slow-motion bullets, you have to navigate the fights in an entirely new way that is much different from the likes of "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive."

In order to add the new games to your library, you need to be a PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, or Premium member. You also need to snatch them while they're there, and that's going to be between October 4, 2022, and October 31. Until October 3, you still have your last chance to download the monthly games for September 2022: "Need for Speed Heat," "Granblue Fantasy: Versus," and "Toem." In October, subscribers who are on the Extra and Premium plans will get more games, too, but we'll have to wait to find out what these titles are going to be.