Ring Rolls Out Two Enhanced Spotlight Cams And 2nd-Gen Panic Button

Amazon has unveiled a pair of new Ring Spotlight cameras, which both expand its range of home security devices while also promising to get even more out of its current range of Ring products. The Spotlight Cam Plus appears to build on Ring's existing camera, while the more expensive Spotlight Cam Pro attempts to take things to the next level with a host of extra features. Both cameras also come with a range of power options, making them suited to a broader range of environments.

While the new cameras have plenty of features of their own, they seem to pair heavily with the motion detection system Amazon released last year. Amazon claims its new Spotlight Cam Pro will offer more "accurate and refined" detection when coupled with its "3D Motion Detection" system. From the information it has provided, the system will cut down on false alerts and has some other exciting features too. By using a number of "radar sensors," the company says its camera will be able to guess the route a visitor took on the way to your door. This feeds into an aerial "bird's eye view" map which can display all of the movements Ring has detected across your property.

Detection thresholds can be altered, and private zones where the Ring system will not detect anything can be added. Motion alerts will appear on your linked mobile device, but if you want to make the most of the system's new features, you will need a Ring Protect Plan. 

Multiple camera options are available

Power is always a key consideration when it comes to home security systems, and Amazon has brought several options to the table when it comes to its Spotlight cameras. Each method comes with its own pros and cons, so your choice may boil down to individual requirements rather than price. The options available are "solar," "battery," "wired," and "plugin." So, if you pick the solar option, for example, you can probably place your camera in more locations than you could run a wire to — but it will need to be in an area that gets an okay amount of sunlight.

Aside from the power options, most of the changes that come with the "Plus" appear to be aesthetic. Amazon says it will also include standard features like "Two-Way Talk, Color Night Vision, Live View, and a security siren." The Spotlight Cam Pro's main selling point seems to be the inclusion of Amazon's 3D motion detection system and its ability to work in tandem with other devices like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 and Floodlight Cam Wired Pro to create "bird's eye zones."

Ring's Spotlight Cam Plus is the cheapest version on offer and can currently be pre-ordered for $199.99. Some versions of the Spotlight Cam Pro are available to purchase now, with the battery/plugin-powered version retailing for $229.99 and the solar-powered version available for $249.99. Amazon says the wired version of the device will ship in a few month's time and is offering to notify customers when it becomes available. Amazon will also be releasing a second-generation Panic Button that is compatible with all previous Ring Alarm generations. The button, which can be pre-ordered at $29.99, can be set to a particular emergency service.