Today's Wordle Answer #465 - September 27, 2022 Solution And Hints

WordleBot says it took most players four guesses to solve today's puzzle. It took us five, but we want to help you do it in far fewer tries. So, read on for some hints and tips to nudge you towards the solution. We'll also reveal the full answer in the second section, so players who don't mind the spoiler can skip on ahead. Before we begin, here's yesterday's puzzle answer (September 26,2022) if you missed it.

Today's word has only one vowel, an "O," as the second letter. There's a repeated letter, "G," as the second and third letter, and the last letter is Y. The word is an adjective that describes something that is heavy or doughy because it is undercooked, but it could also figuratively describe something that is spiritless or dull (via Merriam-Webster). If you're on to the answer by now, bravo! If you're still unsure and don't mind the spoiler, check out the solution to the puzzle below.

The answer is synonymous with soaked

The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#465 – September 27, 2022 ) is soggy. If something is waterlogged or drenched in excess moisture, it is soggy. A thing is also soggy if it is so lifeless or boring that it makes you want to pinch yourself consistently just to get some feeling. The word soggy is derived from dialectal English "sog," which means swamp.

We went with the word "grave" as our starting guess today, a choice that WordleBot surprisingly endorsed — it's not on the official list of recommended starter words, but WordleBot said it's a solid choice and a "good guess for any Wordle." Next, we tried the word "bling," which turned out to be an unlucky, "inefficient" guess. Our luck did not improve on the next two turns, "thugs" and "slogs" turned out incorrect as well, but by the fifth turn we had enough information to make the correct guess. We hope you have much better luck.