Today's Wordle Answer #456 - September 18, 2022 Solution And Hints

Today's Wordle puzzle is fitting for a weekend, in terms of difficulty. WordleBot says it took an average of 3.6 guesses for players to solve it — and we solved it on the third attempt, so it's a nice, mellow challenge to round off the week. To make sure it doesn't become a bigger problem for you than it needs to be, here are some hints and tips to solve today's puzzle. We'll also reveal the full solution word in the second section for those players who prefer to cut to the chase. Before we begin, here's yesterday's answer if you missed it.

The answer is a commonly used word, and there's nothing unusual about the letter combination either. There's only one vowel, I, as the third letter of the word, and there are no repeated consonants. The answer describes a small, usually slender, piece of wood used for anything from construction to drawing in the sand and even playing fetch with dogs. That gives it away enough, but here's a final hint to help you be totally sure: the last letter is K.

The answer also describes a dull or boring person

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#456 – September 18, 2022) is stick. It can function as both a noun and a verb, and describe punishment or the threat of punishment used to enforce compliance to or cooperation with a standard. As a verb, stick means to hold something firmly by adhesion, or to pierce or stab something with a pointed tool. Also, the gearshift of cars are also called sticks, and so are the long pieces of wood used for playing games like pool or hockey.

The word stick has roots in Middle English "stikken," from Old High German "sticken," which means to prick (via Merriam-Webster). Today we chose one of WordleBot's recommended starter words, slate, as the first guess. It was a lucky first guess, since it turned one tile green and another yellow. We followed up with the word stoic, which supplied enough information for us to guess the answer correctly on the third guess. We hope you do it in even fewer tries.