$100m Scientology Super Power Building is jam-packed with odd tech

Scientology is known for being one of the more unusual – and secretive – religions, but we almost feel like signing up ourselves having seen that practitioners at the new Super Power Building will get access to an "infinite pit" and an "oiliness table." Details of the $100m "Flag Mecca" facility in Clearwater, Florida leaked to The Village Voice, spilling hints at some of the more esoteric equipment being installed. According to the plans, there'll be everything from a wall made of water to an "Electric Fields Generator."

Unfortunately, while the plans are detailed, explanations of what exactly most of the kit does is in short order. The "oiliness table" for instance is part of a room-filling installation consisting of a "friction table", "heat station", "cold station", "pressure station" and "pain station", the latter outfitted with an array of spiked plates.

A huge dome on the sixth floor of the building will cover a massive, echoing running room, centered on a glowing pillar, while other facilities will include machines for testing heartbeat and other lifesigns.

As for that all-important Super Power, according to other leaks it's a way for Scientology practitioners to center themselves and feel that they're in "present time." We're passing no judgements on how legitimate all that is; all we know is that we quite fancy a play with the oiliness table.