$100k of wrist-worn art

Now watches are undoubtedly cool (and growing in hotness, of course, as their time-keeping duties are gradually usurped by cellphones), but some watches go so far into the realms of cool that they start to orbit themselves.  Strange but true.  One such timepiece is the Horological Machine #1 by Max Büsser & Friends, a tri-dial splitting cell of a watch that will be produced in achingly small numbers.

Now you might think this is the work of some ageing master, but Max Büsser & Friends are in fact a newly founded company.  Watchismo has an achingly impressive description of HR#1, which I don't claim to understand but certainly like the sound of:

"Timing has been deconstructed by separating the hours from minutes into two overlapping dials, much like a splitting egg. But Max's 'Friends' are close to splitting atoms with the level of technical intricacy. The dials feature transverse mounted floating sapphire subdials connected by a raised central flying central tourbillon and four massive mainspring barrels fuelling a seven-day power reserve. The two beryllium gear trains run in parallel to reduce torque of each mainspring, improving synchronisation between them. The entire watch caliber is built from scratch


With prices in excess of $100k, and numbers strictly limited to 100, I shall have to console myself with these photos.

Max Büsser & Friends [via Cool Hunting]