1000100101 Time Watch By Tokyoflash

Trae McNeely - Dec 4, 2006
1000100101 Time Watch By Tokyoflash

If you like weird, eccentric, and cryptic time displays then you’ll salivate over the 1000100101 by none other than Tokyoflash. This 1960 classic accessory is absolute Bond and it knows what to do best; confuse your friends. It’s straight out of a Star Trek episode with lights flashing and countless patterns that display the time. As far as durability, it’s top of the line featuring a metal panel and carbon fiber style strap to weather the elements.

It passes the cool factor test but it lacks additional features which would, of course, require a screen. The standard features include AM & PM, month, date, and day of the week. In addition, buyers might like the automatic light-up feature which is set at 15 minutes. You can also select pre-programmed light patterns to impress your friends or contact outer space if you have that capability.

Price: $85.22 (approx. ¥9800)

1000100101 Watch [Via: Tokyoflash]

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